Homer City Council

Storm Hansen-Cavasos wins second seat on council

Oct 4, 2019

Storm Hansen-Cavasos won the second contested seat on the Homer City Council, according to final election results released Friday afternoon.

The political newcomer beat out incumbent Shelly Erickson by seven votes. Joey Evensen, also new to local government, secured his place on the city council earlier this week after the city announced the preliminary election results Tuesday evening. Incumbent Tom Stroozas garnered the least amount of votes out of all four candidates.

Hansen-Cavasos said she was ecstatic to hear about the win.

City council candidates square off at forum

Sep 26, 2019
Renee Gross, KBBI News

Candidates for Homer City Council squared off at a forum Wednesday night. Residents packed the city’s public library to hear the candidates speak on issues such as housing, social services and the environment.

Four candidates are vying for two open spots on Homer’s city council. Council members Tom Stroozas  and Shelly Erickson are both incumbents while Storm Hansen-Cavasos and Joey Evensen are both newcomers to local government.

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Sep 17, 2019
City of Homer

Homer Mayor Ken Castner campaigned on the promise that he would not cast votes to break a tie when the city council split their votes evenly. He said he wanted council members, who often split on issues, to not depend on him to decide. At Monday night’s council meeting, in response to Castner casting tie-breaking votes on a couple of issues, Councilmember Rachel Lord brought forth an ordinance that would have required the mayor break ties.

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Sep 17, 2019
City of Homer

At Monday night’s Homer City Council meeting, the council failed to approve a measure it had been discussing since March that would have allowed properties outside the city to connect to city water. 

The ordinance, amended  city code pertaining to water rules and regulations. It was introduced in April and had been postponed twice.
It would have allowed residents and businesses outside the city to connect to water if their property was adjacent to the city’s water line, as is the case in many areas of Kachemak City.

Shelly Erickson

Two seats on the Homer City Council are in contention for the October 1, 2019 Municipal Election. The seats are currently held by Shelly Erickson and Tom Stroozas who were elected in 2016. Those seats are being challenged by first time candidates, Joey Evensen and Storm Hanson-Cavasos. KBBI’s Kathleen Gustafson sat down with Shelly Erickson to talk about her time on the council and her goals for the upcoming year.


When the Homer City Council starts to wrestle with an issue, candidate Storm Hansen-Cavasos says she’s ready to go to the mat.
KBBI’s Kathleen Gustafson has this profile of Hansen-Cavasos.

Two seats on the Homer City Council are in contention for the October 1, 2019 municipal election. The seats are currently held by Tom Stroozas and Shelly Erickson. Both have filed for reelection. There are two new candidates for city council, Joey Evensen and Storm Hansen-Cavasos. 

HERC and the City of Homer

Aug 28, 2019
City of Homer

For decades, Homer has debated what to do with the 1950s-era former high school building sitting on more than four acres of real estate at the entrance to town. The HERC building, with its small gymnasium and connected classrooms, has been used by the Kachemak Bay Campus and the Homer Boys and Girls Club, and was examined more recently as space that could be renovated to serve as storage associated with a proposed new home for the Homer Police Department.

City of Homer

Two seats on the Homer City Council are in contention for the October 1, 2019  Municipal Election. The seats are currently held by Shelly Erickson and Tom Stroozas who were elected in 2016. Erickson and Stroozas have both filed for re-election.

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Jul 24, 2019
City of Homer

The Homer City Council responded to the current state fiscal debate with a letter sent to the Alaska legislature and Rep. Sarah Vance, R-Homer, outlining the impacts currently budgeted cuts would have on the city and region.The letter, approved unanimously by the council Monday night, noted that job losses from the $444 million in vetoes to the state operating budget implemented by Gov. Mike Dunleavy would impact the region’s property and sales tax revenues, which make up 72 % of the city’s general fund budget. 

Homer City Council - June 24, 2019

Jul 2, 2019

Even on a slow day, the Homer Boat Harbor is a busy place. But if you are captaining one of the many 100-plus-foot vessels berthed there, navigating in water that is barely deep enough while avoiding dozens of small skiffs as you turn around, it’s far from ideal. Bryan Hawkins, port director and harbormaster for the City of Homer, addressed the Homer City Council Committee on the Whole meeting on Monday night.

Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The Homer City Council declined to put a parcel of city-owned land in Homer’s central business district back on the market Monday. The 1.3 acre parcel could have been the future home of Grace Ridge Brewing, but opponents of the move say the property could serve the city in the future.

The city had considered building the new Homer Public Library on the site, but after the city went another direction, the land sat on the market until 2018.  

Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The Homer City Council allowed a Kachemak City low-income housing project to access Homer’s water system via a waterline on East End Road in March. The move spurred a conversation about how similar requests should be handled.

Homer’s council members will need to make a decision soon because the Kachemak City Council is now asking Homer to provide water services to other properties along East End Road.

Council takes step toward upgrading ice plant

May 14, 2019
Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The Homer City Council took a step forward toward upgrading the ice plant on the Homer Spit, Monday. During a meeting, the council approved funding an engineering consulting firm from Anchorage to evaluate the plant and create a list of recommended improvements.  

According to the city, the ice plant provides more than 3,500 tons of flake ice each year to preserve more than 20 million pounds of fish. Upgrades may include replacing refrigeration compressors and updating control systems.

Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The Homer City Council approved a plan Monday to make Homer more accessible. The City of Homer Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan identifies physical barriers that make the city inaccessible and categorizes them in terms of cost, priority and a timeline for correction. The plan addresses everything from parking issues to repairing ramps.

Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

A low-income housing complex coming to Kachemak City will be able to hook up to Homer’s water and sewer system. The Homer City Council’s decision Monday night conflicts with a city policy prohibiting non-Homer residents from utilizing the city’s water and sewer system. Council members were divided on the issue but Mayor Ken Castner cast his tie-breaking vote in favor of the one-time deal, breaking his campaign promise to never settle a tie vote.