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Check the Pantry

On Check the Pantry, we start with one ingredient. Where we go from there is anyone's guess. Join host Jeff Lockwood, and frequently a guest or two, in the kitchen, at the table, on the farm, or even out on a fishing boat for a peek at food from all its perspectives.

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.

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Latest Episodes
  • Jeff Lockwood and Kevin Co fry up a batch of Dutch-Brooklyn-Homer-style French fries.
  • Jeff Lockwood sits down with the Grog Shop's Patrick Driscoll for a journey through Germany and beyond with the enigmatic, shapeshifting Riesling.
  • Jeff Lockwood makes short ribs three ways - red braised, 48-hour sous vide, and chili.
  • Jeff Lockwood stuffs and pickles beets, and puts them on a galette, while exploring how beets and banjos are similar.
  • Thanksgiving's in the air, so Jeff Lockwood tips his hat to pumpkin pie and makes pumpkin-pecan eclairs, then visits Teri Robl to make a pumpkin and black bean chili.
  • Host Jeff Lockwood makes a shrimp and blue crab gumbo with his mom, Patricia Lockwood, at his aunt Patsy Johnson's house in Iowa, LA, a couple of weeks…
  • It might get a bad rap these days, but rendered pig fat is still an excellent cooking medium. Jeff Lockwood uses it to make a pot pie, as well as…
  • Corn
    Corn's an elusive crop in Alaska, but Jeff Lockwood finds a whole high tunnel of it at Hannah Prescott's Up Yonder Farm. This season of Check the Pantry…
  • On this week's Check the Pantry, Jeff Lockwood gets dirty with some rice and silky smooth with some chicken liver pate. Well, not as smooth as he'd like,…
  • Whether you call it black cod, sablefish, or something else entirely, Anaplopoma fimbria can always be called delicious. Jeff Lockwood makes black cod…