Jeff Lockwood

Morning Host and Check the Pantry

Jeff joined KBBI as Weekend and Morning Edition Host in 2017. In 2018, he began writing and producing "Check the Pantry," a cooking show drawing on his years as a restaurateur and chef. He came to Alaska 20 years ago and worked as a commercial fisherman, oyster farmer, taxi driver, and bassist. In 2013, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional chef. He graduated from high school in Texas and attended the University of Texas, Austin.

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University of Washington

Halibut landings across the state have slowed down as boats turn their attention to salmon.  Homer landed 109,763 pounds of halibut on fifteen deliveries in the last week, over twice as much as Kodiak.  Seward recorded 37,573 pounds. Almost eight and a half million pounds have been caught so far around the state in the IFQ longline fishery.  

Nancy Heise / Wikimedia

Non-pelagic, or bottom, trawlers in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands regulatory areas recorded just under one hundred thousand pounds of halibut bycatch mortality for the week of June 22, according to the National Marine Fisheries Service, or NMFS.  The weekly catch of targeted species, including arrowtooth flounder, flathead sole, and rockfish was almost fifteen million pounds.

Nancy Heise / Wikimedia

Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands pelagic trawlers caught 312 king salmon in the week beginning June 15, bringing the total for the month of June to 1411.  During the same week, non-pelagic, or bottom trawlers caught 176 kings, according to data from onboard observers overseen by the National Marine Fisheries Service, (NMFS). June’s king salmon bycatch in the bottom trawl fishery to date is 762.  There was no reported salmon bycatch in the pot, jig, and non-halibut longline fisheries.  

Mussels - Episode 18

May 23, 2019
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

It's field trip time.  Host Jeff Lockwood heads to the shellfish farm Glacier Point Seafood for a lesson in mussel aquaculture from Greg and Weatherly Bates, and tries a couple of different ways to use leftover mussels.  Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 05/23/19. 

Rhubarb - Episode 17

May 9, 2019
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

On this episode of Check the Pantry, Jeff Lockwood and Teri Robl try to figure out what, besides pie, to do with all the rhubarb that takes over Homer in the early spring, and Patrick Driscoll waxes enthusiastic about its possibilities as a beverage flavor.

Recorded at the studios of KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 05/09/19. 

Vertigogen / Wikipedia

On this week's Check the Pantry, host Jeff Lockwood creates a three-course springtime meal from a single lamb chop, and the Grog Shop's Patrick Driscoll talks about choosing a wine pairing to go along with the dinner. 

Produced at the studios of KBBI AM 890 in Homer Alaska.  Additional recording at the Grog Shop and at Station Twelve.  First aired 04/25/19.

planting asparagus
Lori Jenkins / Synergy Gardens

The quintessential spring vegetable is asparagus, so host Jeff Lockwood heads to Synergy Gardens for a tour of asparagus beds old and new with Lori Jenkins.  Jeff makes three classic emulsified sauces for asparagus, and Patrick Driscoll talks about the challenge that is finding something to drink with it. 

Recorded at Synergy Gardens and the KBBI studios in Homer, Alaska and first aired 04/18/19.

Ham - Episode 13

Apr 11, 2019
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Check the Pantry's spring season begins with a show about ham.  Jeff Lockwood and Teri Robl go through cooking hams large and small and how to use the leftovers.  They're joined for a bit by Skip Clary, all the way from Hungary, where he's surrounded by pork and wine. 

Recorded in Homer Alaska on April 11, 2019 at the studios of KBBI AM 890, with additional recording at Station Twelve

chocolate making
Jeff Lockwood/Harold McGee / KBBI

Join Jeff Lockwood and Evangelina Briggs from Homer Truffle Company  on Valentine's Day for a discussion of chocolate.  Mousse to mole, talk about tempering, flavors and ganache, and how cocoa butter is like a yoga class.  Patrick Driscoll from the Grog Shop talks about beverage pairings with chocolate desserts. 

Recorded at Homer Truffle Company's factory and in the studio of KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska on 02/14/19. 

Lemons - Episode 11

Feb 7, 2019
Preserving lemons
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Jeff Lockwood talks sweet and savory uses of lemons with Alice's kitchen manager Adriane Huff.  Plus, they come up with a three-course winter meal in which each course uses the sunny citrus.  Recorded at the KBBI studios in Homer, Alaska on February 7, 2019.

Offal - Episode 10

Jan 31, 2019
Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties
Kathleen Gustafson / KBBI

Jeff Lockwood and Fresh Catch Cafe's Harrison McHenry talk about the nasty bits - offal in all its forms.  Liver, kidney, heads and feet.  Plus, Jeff makes a haggis for Burns Night and recites "Address to the Haggis" at Kharacters.  Recorded at KBBI AM 890 and Kharacters Alaskan Bar in Homer, Alaska on 01/31/19. 

Red Wine - Episode 9

Jan 24, 2019
Wine glasses
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Jeff Lockwood learns how to read a wine label from Skip Clary, and they taste representative wines from the US and France to understand why some wines go better with food.  Recorded at the Grog Shop and at the studios of KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska on 01/24/19. 

Beef Tenderloin
JoeSmack / Wikipedia

Host Jeff Lockwood and head chef at AJ's Steakhouse John Brown cover the psoas major of the cow, the beef tenderloin, from breaking it down to cooking it up.  Recorded at the studios of KBBI AM 890 and at AJ's in Homer, Alaska on 01/17/19.

Onions - Episode 7

Jan 10, 2019
Dicing Onions
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Host Jeff Lockwood and his guest Teri Robl talk about everything onion, from mirepoix ratios to the onion rings praised by both Jeff and Bob Dylan.  They make a winter meal of French onion soup and a green bean salad created by Teri.  Plus weird Midwestern processed industrial "onion rings".  Recorded in Homer, Alaska at the KBBI studios and Station Twelve.  First aired 01/10/19.

Oysters - Episode 6

Nov 15, 2018
Pacific Oyster
David Monniaux / Wikimedia

Join Jeff Lockwood and chef/owner of Fresh Catch Cafe Harrison McHenry for a talk about oysters, both the raw and the cooked. Weatherly Bates tells us how oysters are farmed in Kachemak Bay, and Skip Clary and Andy Kita discuss Murphy's Irish Stout, a classic with oysters.  Recorded at Station Twelve and at the studios of KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska on 11/15/18.