The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alaska is rapidly rising, just at the time that the City of Homer's emergency order is set to expire. According to Homer Mayor, Ken Castner, Governor Dunleavy told a meeting of mayors on Thursday, October 22, that he intends to let the State's emergency order expire on November 15. Since that call, Alaska case counts have escalated and Governor Dunleavy is scheduled to make a public statement Tuesday afternoon. 

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Emilie Springer of Homer, addresses the concerns of students and their parents trying to make remote learning work, and every citizen's responsibility to act in the interest of the good health of the community. 

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Sound Collections: Episode 10 - Sarah Brewer

Oct 23, 2020
Pratt Museum

What do water hemlock, thistle, gooseberries, and currants have in common? They can all be found growing in Alaska and are all referenced throughout Wiliam Shakespeare’s writing! This week on Sound Collections you'll hear from actor and teacher Sarah Brewer, who connects her natural surroundings to her favorite literary works.



In honor of International Day of Climate Action KBBI and Pier One Theatre proudly present Rising, an original radio play written by Brenda Dolma and produced with local talent. Rising will air live on KBBI AM 890 Saturday October 24th, at 2pm and will be available on for on demand streaming the following Monday.

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Students at Homer area schools are under remote learning this week after Covid-19 cases in the Southern Kenai Peninsula continued to rise.
    Homer High School Principal Doug Waclawski posted a video to students and parents on Wednesday discussing the change.
    “We were doing so well. Even though the Covid19 numbers were increasing in the community, there was never a known transmission of a Covid-19 case in Homer High School," he said. "This means that mitigation plans were working.”

Jenny Carroll, Information Officer for the City of Homer, Pegge Erkeneff from Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and Derotha Ferraro of South Peninsula Hospital discuss the latest from the Homer Unified Command. They answer listener questions about the City's COVID relief funds for mortgage and fisheries, about the Southern Peninsula's, now 100%, remote learning system and Derotha Ferraro from South Peninsula Hospital traces the path from swab to test results.

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District 31 candidates for Alaska House of Representatives are the guests on this week's Coffee Table. Click on the audio below to hear incumbent Representative Sarah Vance of Homer and candidate Kelly Cooper of Kachemak City take questions from the listeners and talk about their plans for serving in the Alaska State Legislature. 

Kelly Cooper

A week ago the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly said goodbye to its president, Assemblymember Kelly Cooper of Homer.
Cooper served six years over two terms, and due to term limits, is barred for seeking reelection to the assembly for a full year. She received praise and thanks from her fellow assemblymembers -- all of them men. In fact, Assemblymember Brent Hibbert pointed out the loss of Cooper’s perspective.

With overnight temperatures down into the freezing zone, it’s safe to say fall will soon give way to winter. And one important consideration for growers is what to do with any extra water in their catchment systems. Kyra Wagoner addressed that on this week’s “Homer Grown” with Desiree Hagen.
    “So when you have a fancy irrigation system, or old rain barrels or watering cans, or you don't want to see your hoses all rendered useless, try your best to get everything drained before that freeze starts kicking in,” she said.

New HPD HQ features 'green' infrastructure

Oct 21, 2020
City of Homer

The new multi-million-dollar Homer Police Station is now occupied. The compound, behind the U.S. Post Office and across the street from the Homer Public Library, consists of a main structure and several out-buildings. It also features green -- as in environmentally conscious -- touches to the landscaping.
    City Engineer Cary Meyer gave a brief description of the landscaping on a video published by the city last week.


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KBBI is happy to present Storytime Anytime! Tune in at your leisure to the three book series My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett and read by Claudia Haines from the Homer Public Library.

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