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Science news
  • Twenty-seven classes from 15 schools in the Kenai Peninsula School District attended the two-day event on the Anchor River and Bear Creek.
    Courtesy of Eric Hart
    Chapman Elementary School
    Dozens of students oohed and aahed on a cold morning in Anchor Point as biologists spawned a pair of coho salmon and fertilized their eggs. It was the first lesson in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s annual “Salmon in the Classroom” program, which teaches Kenai Peninsula students about salmon biology in their classrooms throughout the school year.
  • Carapaces, or shells, from invasive European green crabs found on the beaches of Annette Island this week.
    Dustin Winter
    Metlakatla Indian Community
    An invasive species with the potential to wreak havoc on important commercial and subsistence fisheries have been found in Alaska for the first time. Biologists with Metlakatla Indian Community say they’ve found the first evidence of European green crabs on Annette Island, near the southern tip of Southeast Alaska.