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Homer Grown: Potting soil and plant starts

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Desiree Hagen
Homer Grown
Jeanne MacArthur at her home greenhouse in Fritz Creek

Spring is finally here and if you are like most people you are probably gearing up for the upcoming gardening season. Which means you probably will visit your local greenhouse for plant starts or potting soil. But have you ever wondered where these items come from?

For the first episode of Homer Grown’s third season (woot, woot!) we answer that question.

Joining us are Al Poindexter, the owner of Anchor Point Greenhouse and producer of Fishy Peat and Alaska Earth potting soil. He talks about what it means to be ‘dirt rich’ and why Ag education in schools is so important.

Jeanne MacArthur who has provided starts for the Wagon Wheel for over 4 decades. They talk about taking care of baby plants, and what Fritz Creek was like back in the day. Jeanne and Des chuckle thinking about “Fritz Creek bachelors.”

Support for this season of Homer Grown comes from Woda Botanicals, a retail store featuring Tea, Spices, Herbal Remedies and Books. Plant people focused on food, medicine, and discovery. In downtown Homer and on the web at

Additional support comes from Wagon Wheel Garden and Pet, providing plants and garden supplies for South Peninsula's gardeners. Open year-round Monday through Friday 9:30-6:00 and Saturday 10 to 5. Learn more at and 907-235-8777

Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, Desiree has called Alaska ‘home’ for almost two decades. Her involvement in radio began over 10 years, first as a volunteer DJ at KBBI, later as a host and producer, and now in her current role as a reporter. Her passions include stories relating to agriculture, food systems and rural issues. In her spare time, she can often be found riding her bicycle, creating art from handmade paper, or working in the garden.