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In this episode we talk with Jon Kee of Spruce Top Farm, Linda Gorman on overwintering bees, Katherine Schake and Nicole Arevalo on Reed Canary Grass and Brad Casar on fall soil sampling. 

Hosted by Desiree Hagen and produced in collaboration with Homer Soil & Water. Airing every other Saturday at 11 AM.



Linda Gorman

You may not know it, but there are probably 10 million honey bees flitting about from blossom to blossom in the Homer area right now. Each year, beekeepers import the bees by the thousands, and they quickly set about multiplying.
    “We started out with 15,000 bees when they get shipped in here. And that 15,000 can grow up to 60,000 very easily by this time of year,” said Linda Gorman, founder of Homer Area Beekeepers. “And our swarm season starts down here about mid June through the end of July.”