Homer Grown Season Finale: Pasture-raised livestock with Blood Sweat and Food Farms

Nov 15, 2020

Tamworth piglets playing in pineapple weed.
Credit Blood Sweat and Food Farms

On this final episode of the first season, we talk with Aryn Young and Beau Burgess of Blood Sweat and Food Farm about the benefits of pasture-raised meats, caring for animals during winter and ethical butchering. We discuss the big picture: how their integrated approach to agriculture presents numerous benefits to the quality of life of the animals, the consumer, the community and the farmer.

Note: We talk about ethical butchering which includes a description of the method of  humanely killing animals. There is a trigger warning and although death is a reality of life and farm life specifically, we acknowledge that some listeners and perhaps younger children might not feel comfortable with this part of the interview. This segment begins around 24:00 and continues until approximately 30:30. 

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