The COVID-19 Brief: Thursday, April 1, 2021: No fooling, vaccine available now at

Apr 1, 2021

Credit CDC

This morning on the regular, Thursday Covid Brief, Derotha Ferraro from South Peninsula Hospital talks about how to get a vaccine today and how to make an appointment for upcoming clinics for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

City of Homer spokesperson Jenny Carroll says City buildings and activities have relaxed restrictions and the library and HERC buildings are open for walk-ins.

Nurse Lorne Carroll from the Homer Public Health Center answers questions from the listeners about vaccine reactions and effectiveness, and about what Long COVID can mean to a community.

And Pegge Erkeneff from Kenai Peninsula Borough School District talks about District summer programs for students and relaxed masking practices beginning Monday, April 5.

  To make an appointment, go to South Peninsula Hospital's website.
If you need assistance making an appointment for a vaccine, if you need a COVID test or just want to speak to a COVID nurse, call the hospitals COVID line:  235-0235.