Coronavirus reporting system in place

Mar 19, 2020

Credit KES

    Kachemak Emergency Services were called out in the early hours of March 17 for a death that may or may not have had respiratory complications, but which, according to a borough spokesperson, was definitely not tied to Covid-19/the coronavirus.

       “I can confirm that yes there was a death, but not related to Covid,” said Brenda Ahlberg. “I wish I could give you more but out of respect for the family and our HIPAA requirements, that's as much as I can legally give you.”

    Ahlberg is the Community and Fiscal Projects manager in the Borough mayor’s office. She says there is a system in place for reporting cases and deaths due to the virus.

      “The state in coordination with all the boroughs and other entities and municipalities have agreed that any future announcements are going to be one of two things either a community related exposure. They're not going to report anymore on travelers. And the second one is if there is a death. The first death will be released,” she said.

    Ahlberg also urges residents to bookmark the Office of Emergency Management’s blog, which is being updated regularly, as it was during last summer’s fire season.

    “We're using that as a one stop shop for all municipalities and state-federal agencies, tribal agencies, nonprofits that have official updates,” she said. “We're posting those on to that blog. So hopefully it'll help ease folks' frustrations, trying to navigate the World Wide Web.”

    We have a link to the borough’s OEM web page and other resources, including a regularly updated list of closures and cancellations around the area, at here.