Jay Barrett

News Director

Jay Barrett, KBBI's new News Director should be a familiar voice to our listeners.  He's been contributing to Kenai Peninsula news for the last three years out of KDLL Kenai, and was the voice of The Alaska Fisheries Report from KMXT for 12 years. Jay worked for KBBI about 20 years ago as the Central Peninsula Reporter at KDLL. 

"I'm thrilled to be working for KBBI in Homer," Jay said.  "This wonderful station has the most incredible public support, which is more important today than ever.

"I know there are many challenges facing us here at the end of the road," Jay said, "and I am happy to be in a position to report on them to our listeners and members." 

He adds that you should always feel free to contact him with a news tip: jay@kbbi.org.

Emilie Springer

It’s time now for a commentary from the community. This week, as the election season turns into the waiting season, Emilie Springer contemplates language and context in our discourse, public and private.

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  Monday evening the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District announced that 13 Southern Peninsula Schools were moving to 100 percent remote learning today (October 20). The reason: rising COVID-19 case counts in the area have pushed the South Peninsula up to the high risk “red” category in the district’s ratings matrix.

The first Juneteenth celebration to be held in Homer will take place at WKFL Park today.
Juneteenth honors the day news reached Texas that the Civil War was officially over and that those enslaved in America were free by law. That was 155 years ago and more than two year after the passing of the Emancipation Proclamation.