john brown

Prime Rib - Episode 29

Nov 24, 2019

Jeff Lockwood talks with AJ's Steakhouse head chef John Brown, as well as sous chef Josh Prentice, about ribs 6-12 on the cow - the prime rib.  Plus, Jeff makes a couple of sauces to serve alongside it.  Recorded in part at AJ's Steakhouse.

Produced by KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 11/24/2019.

Eggs - Episode 16

May 2, 2019
Three eggs in a nest
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Eggs are so central to cooking that we take them for granted.  Jeff Lockwood tries to remedy that by making omelets and custards with AJ's head chef John Brown and Alice's kitchen manager Adriane Huff.  Partially recorded at Station Twelve.  First aired 05/02/19.

Beef Tenderloin
JoeSmack / Wikipedia

Host Jeff Lockwood and head chef at AJ's Steakhouse John Brown cover the psoas major of the cow, the beef tenderloin, from breaking it down to cooking it up.  Recorded at the studios of KBBI AM 890 and at AJ's in Homer, Alaska on 01/17/19.

Jeff Lockwood

Host Jeff Lockwood and head chef of AJ's Steakhouse John Brown talk pork shoulder, from making fresh sausage to Southern barbecue to sous vide.  Plus, Skip Clary talks about the 2014 Pinnacoli Primitivo di Manduria and why it works with smoky pork.   Recorded at Station Twelve and at the KBBI studios in Homer, Alaska on October 18, 2018.