KBBI Presents Concert on Your Lawn

Jun 1, 2020

Original Artwork by Ava Halstead

KBBI AM 890 is hosting an on-air remote ‘Concert on YOUR Lawn’ Fundraiser June 19th & 20th. This is a socially distant homage to our Concert On The Lawn days and an opportunity for us to celebrate our amazing listener-supporters. Throughout the two days you will hear the regular shows you love as well as live music, KBBI testimonies, and giveaways all culminating in the Concert on Your Lawn Event June 20th from 5 pm-9 pm with local musicians broadcasting from their homes to yours. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Friday June 19th Live Music Schedule

9am-10am, Hobo Jim live on Slack Tide

1:30 pm-2:00pm, Zoe Cramer live on Potluck

7pm-9pm, Jim Maloney live on Social Distance

Saturday June 20th Live Music Schedule

12pm-2pm, Jacques Longpre live on East of Adak

2pm-4pm, Concert on the Lawn Archives

5pm-5:30pm, Concert on Your Lawn presents Jon Crocker

5:45pm-6:15pm, Concert on Your Lawn presents String Along

6:30pm-7pm, Concert on Your Lawn presents Chris Needham

7:15pm-8pm, Concert on Your Lawn presents Atz Lee & John Cottingham

8:15pm-9pm, Concert on Your Lawn Presents Caressa