Jammin at the Pratt

Jul 23, 2019

Raspberry jam
Credit Miia Ranta CC BY-SA 2.0

To examine a culture, the first places to look are its food and music. The Pratt Museum in Homer is hosting a series of potlucks where people can share food, play music and tell stories…about local food and music. Scott Bartlett is Curator of Exhibits at the Pratt. Bartlett says they are collecting local food and music traditions.
"If you want to introduce your community to visitors and family and friends, that is what you share with them,” said Bartlett.
Pratt Jams is part of a larger project supported by the Institute for Museum and Library Services. It’s  called, “That Which Sustains Us – Traditional Values Through Food and Music in Lower Kenai Communities.”  Bartlett says the gathering is informal, no stage or amplification. There are no scheduled performers,  just folks sharing food and music. They do hope to start collecting stories and short recorded interviews to put toward the final project, a book filled with local recipes, music and stories.

"We’re also combining this information with archival resources in the museum. So, we already have a number of historic stories and oral histories about these traditions and recipes from homesteaders. It’s part of that larger picture that we’re trying to help build," said Bartlett.
The project begins Wednesday at 6 p.m. Everyone is invited to bring a dish to share or an instrument to play. There is no admission.
Pratt Jams happen on the third Wednesday of July, August and September at
The Pratt Museum in Homer at 3779 Bartlett Street. For more information go to
prattmusuem.org or call 235- 8635.