HEA asks members to skip the annual meeting

Apr 13, 2020

Homer Electric Association's annual meeting is usually filled with prizes, snacks and scholarships. This year, they're asking folks to stay home.
Credit HEA

For the first time in Homer Electric Association’s 70 year history, they are asking members to not attend their annual meeting. HEA released a statement Friday saying that restrictions against travel and large gatherings make it highly unlikely that the meeting can be safely or lawfully held.

HEA’s bylaws require that members meet the first week of May, so they are holding the meeting, and asking members to stay home. There will be none of the usual meals, prizes and awards.
The plan is to fall short of the required 50 members present for a quorum.

According to HEA bylaws, failure to obtain a quorum at the annual meeting allows a majority of those who are present to adjourn the meeting to another time or cancel it completely.
If a quorum of 50 shows up, the meeting will proceed without any of the usual prizes and fanfare.

In either case, the HEA Board of Directors election is still happening. Ballots should be arriving by mail. Go to kbbi.org for a link to candidates’ statements and to hear and read interviews with all three candidates for District 3.

Bruce Shelly is HEA Director of Member Relations. He says even though they’re asking folks to stay home from the meeting. HEA needs to hear from any co-op members who are wondering how they’ll pay their electric bill in the coming months.

"HEA members, if you're having difficulty right now, please, call-in to 1(800) 478-8851 and let our member services representatives work with you. We're a co-op. We're all hurting. Please call in. We'll work with you," said Shelly.


Shelly recommends that HEA members who qualify should apply for funds from the CARES ACT, a federal relief program for employees and small businesses.
To find out more about applying for a CARES loan, go to sba.gov.