Coffee Table - June 9, 2021: Pride month celebrations and resources from Seward to Soldotna to Homer

Jun 10, 2021

June is LGBTQ Pride month and this week on the Coffee Table, you'll hear from Pride organizers in Homer, Soldotna and Seward about events and activism across the Kenai Peninsula this month and next.


Host: Kathleen Gustafson and guests:

Winter Marshall Allen - Homer Pride
 Jerrina Reed - Homer Pride
 Audre Gifford - Soldotna Pride
 Tony Baclaan - Seward Pride Alliance 
and Irene Saxton - Sea Sparrow Counseling,
give the rundown on events beginning this weekend in Soldotna through August 1st in Seward and talk about local resources for queer homeless youth.

Resources and contacts mentioned in this show:
Choosing Our Roots
The Rec Room
Identity Alaska

Homer Pride
Soldotna Pride
Seward Pride Alliance