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On this episode of Coffee Table, you'll hear part 2 of the latest  Kenai Peninsula College Showcase Series. It was recorded on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

Courtesy of Karen Mahan

A Seldovia woman fought off a black bear inside of her home with nothing more than a broom early Monday morning.

Karen Mahan said she was working on her computer shortly before 2 a.m. when she heard a noise coming from her living room and kitchen. Mahan assumed it was her two youngest sons when she went to check, but to her surprise, a black bear had broken through her front door and was in her entryway.

Kachemak Crane Watch sees uptick in fledging cranes

Oct 1, 2018
Photo by Nina Faust/Kachemak Crane Watch

Sandhill cranes appear to have had a good nesting season near Homer this summer. Kachemak Crane Watch Co-founder Nina Faust said while most of the birds have flown south to California for the winter, the citizen-science based program found that most were successful in raising their colts.

“We had 63 colts hatched from 33 nests that were reported, and out of that, 48 colts survived to fledging,” Faust explained. “That’s 13.2 percent better than last year.”

The fate of several ducklings is now uncertain after a passerby spotted them walking alone and picked them up in Homer Friday morning.

The individual saw them crossing the road near Two Sisters Bakery, scooped them up and brought them to the Alaska Islands and Ocean Center.

  Steve Delehanty is the manager of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. He says their policy on handling wildlife is clear:

“It’s very easy. Leave it alone. That’s really the bottom line because as soon as you pick it up or handle it, it’s often a death sentence for the animal.”

Coffee Table: Game Management on South Peninsula

Apr 13, 2016
Photo by Daysha Eaton/KBBI

Game management is a never-ending task complicated by dozens of variables and lots of opinions. The Southern Kenai Peninsula’s moose, caribou, bears and other wildlife are managed by the Department of Fish and Game. But, that agency takes its orders from the Board of Game and local advisory committees make recommendations too. This week on the Coffee Table Dave Lyon, Chair of the Homer Fish and Game Advisory Committee and Jeff Selinger, Area Biologist for the Department of Fish and Game discussed management strategy.