Storytime Anytime: My Father's Dragon, Book One

Apr 29, 2020

Librarian Claudia Haines

For the young, and young at heart, KBBI is happy to present Storytime Anytime with Homer Public Library's Claudia Haines.  Storytime Radio Hour with Claudia Haines airs each Thursday morning at 10am on KBBI AM 890, on the KBBI app and live on the web. Listeners can tune in for an hour of stories, dance breaks and a call in time for kids. Now the fun continues with Storytime Anytime- tune in at your leisure to the three book series of My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett, published by Random House Books and read by Homer Public Library's Claudia Haines.

Are you ready for a story?

Book One: My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett published by Random House Books

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