Senator Stevens Meets With Homer Residents

Dec 18, 2015

Senator Gary Stevens stopped by Homer Thursday (12/17) to touch base with city council members and Homer residents. Stevens held a small open house inside the Homer Legislative Information Office. About 10 city residents attended.

The discussion covered a wide range of subjects including: President Obama’s Alaska visit, domestic terrorism, the state minimum wage and the state’s budget crisis. 

Fritz Creek resident Jeff Middleton was especially concerned by the state legislatures’ approach to the budget.

“I think this budget that Walker came through with is…. I don’t agree with everything, but I think he’s really trying to get something to work. I’m afraid that they’re going to just [block] him at every chance,” said Middleton.

Middleton praised Senator Stevens for his willingness to consider implementing a state income tax and tapping the permanent fund to generate additional revenue. Both options are unpopular in the legislature.  

Stevens said the state budget was one of the most important issues he wanted to address in the meeting as well as his old staple, education.

“That’s just one of the foundational things I think we have to do is make sure that our kids get a good education,” said Stevens.

Gary Stevens represents Senate District P.