Ravn Alaska air service in Homer nearing return

Oct 14, 2020

A Bombardier Dash-8 in Ravn Alaska livery.
Credit Float Shuttle

In just two weeks you’ll once again be able to purchase tickets on a scheduled flight to Anchorage. The new Ravn Alaska has received approval from the FAA to begin service out of Homer, according to an online post by Homer station Manager Peggy Swisher.
    Meanwhile, Homer City Manager Rob Dumouchel reported to the city council Monday night that the state of Alaska has approved the sublease at the airport terminal.
    “So we did get our final box checked for a Raven air service. So the state of Alaska approved the sublease. So we're good to go there, now it's basically up to Raven as far as a private business when they want to start selling tickets and flying people places. So, we're very excited about that,” Dumouchel said. “And, in our office, Rachel Freelander did a lot of the heavy lifting for us. So I just wanted to thank her for all that, that effort.”
    Homer City Councilmember Heath Smith explained he found out why Ravn aircraft have been spotted on the airport ramp lately.
     “I talked to Raven, I think it was Friday, and they are doing some test runs with the FAA and they hope to be ready to go by the end of the month. And, and they currently are going to start with two flights a day,” Smith said. “And then I think on Sundays, they're going to do three. I forget, but that's the current kind of deal. And so it's comin'. It's right around the corner.”
    Swisher said online ticket sales can be expected to come by Oct. 28, with flights resuming soon after.