North Pacific Fisheries Management Council names new executive director

Jun 28, 2017

North Pacific Fishery Management Council Executive Director David Witherell.
Credit Courtesy of NPFMC

The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council announced it has a new executive director last week. Former Deputy Director David Witherell will be taking over for Chris Oliver, who was appointed to manage fisheries for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  

The council manages halibut and ground fish in the Gulf of Alaska, along the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea. Witherell said he’s prepared to take over the position.

“Fortunately my predecessor Chris Oliver spent quite a bit of time training me to take over the reins, and he gave me a deep understanding of the type of work and gave me the experience to understand what I was getting into as executive director someday,” Witherell explained.

Witherell started working for the council in 1992 as a plan coordinator and has worked on the science and management side of things. As executive director, he will primarily focus on the financial wellbeing of the council, but he will still provide valuable information to inform decisions.

“There are so many things and issues that are on the council’s plate, and I am looking forward to helping the council and making sure they have the information to make those quality decisions they need to make,” Witherell said.

Witherell took over the position Monday.