Do you have a minute to end domestic violence?

Apr 19, 2021

Credit Green Dot Homer

Hi, this is Jesse Felice from Haven House with your Green Dot minute.

This week, we're talking about proactive green dots.

Consider Green Dot opportunities that we have every day without ever seeing someone or something happen in front of us.

Consider this question. If a new friend, coworker, group member were introduced to your social group, workplace, church, or organization, how would they know two things?

One,  that violence isn't tolerated.
And two, that everyone is expected to do their part.

Learn how to host Green Dot Wednesdays or trainings by going to our Facebook page, Green Dot Homer or contact South Peninsula Haven House for more information.

Join us this Wednesday at Bishop's Beach for a cookout and games.

This is Jesse Felice from Haven house with your Green Dot Minute.