The COVID-19 Update - Tuesday May, 18, 2021: A downward trend on the epi curve

May 18, 2021

Credit CDC / CDC

According to Alaska Department of Health and Social Services data, there have been almost 67,000 cases of COVID-19 in the State. That includes a gain of 50 cases on Monday. Nurse Lorne Carrol says that is a downward trend on the epi curve.

 " The epi curve looks to anticipate how many cases we might be having each day for the next several days. And that daily growth rate is actually negative right now. Negative 3.5. So what does that mean? It means that bottom line number per day is actually going down. Three and a half percent," Nurse Carroll said.

 At the current rate, the downward trend would take about 20 days to halve the number of cases-per-day.  Nurse Lorne says vaccinating, masking, and washing your hands is how to sustain that downward trend. 

 At South Peninsula Hospital's COVID Care Clinic at 4201 Bartlett Street,  spokesperson Derotha Ferraro says there are three kinds of vaccine available for free to anyone 12 or older every day from 9:00 to 5:00. You can walk-in or make an appointment.  But, the day of the week determines what kind of vaccine you'll get.

 "Mondays are Moderna and Jansen. Tuesday through Sunday, Pfizer and Janssen. So...really happy that we have the staffing and ample supply to be able to offer this daily without hesitation." said Ferraro.

 Pfizer is the vaccine approved for people as young as 12.
Janssen is the single dose vaccine.
 Learn more about COVID-19 tests and vaccines on hospital website

 If you are coming in to the COVID Care Center for a free COVID-19 test,  if you have any questions about free vaccines, or, you just want to talk to SPH's 24-hour COVID Nurse, call (907) 235-0235.