City Council introduces changes for water, sewer rates and fee for employee RVs

Jul 24, 2018

Credit Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

Some Homer residents could see a change on water and sewer bills.  On Monday, the Homer City Council introduced a resolution that could change rates for customers, ranging from less than a 1-percent increase for some customers to a 2-percent decrease for others.

Monthly service fees for city water could drop from $19 to $13. Customers signed up for sewer services only, could save a few dollars per month as well, depending on whether their home or business relies on sewer pumps in the area.  

Customers subscribed to both water and sewer services would see their prices go up roughly 10 or 15 cents per 100 gallons used. Those changes would also largely depend on whether sewer pump stations are in the area.  

The resolution will be up for a public hearing and final reading on Aug. 13.

In other council business, council members introduced an resolution that would require employers who house their employees in RVs on the Homer Spit to pay a $100 annual fee.  Last month, the council passed an ordinance requiring employers to obtain zoning permits in order to use RVs for employee housing. The resolution would implement the $100 charge for those permits. The measure will also be up for final consideration on Aug. 13.