AML's Winter Legislative Conference convenes

Feb 18, 2020

This week in Juneau, there is an opportunity for local elected officials like borough assembly and city council members to speak with state legislators and state officials about municipal issues. Attendees get information about bills and the budget items that affect the communities they represent.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly President Kelly Cooper is one of the many local officials in Juneau for the Alaska Municipal League's Winter Legislative Conference.

“Each of the municipalities and assemblies meet with their reps one-on-one, " said Cooper. "So, we are scheduled to meet up with our legislators Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday morning, AML kicks off and Senator Murkowski will be speaking. " Cooper said,  "The governor was invited. He may send his Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer. He was on the plane with us."

The Alaska Conference of Mayors also meets in Juneau this week. The Winter Legislative Meeting schedule ends with a meeting of AML’s Board of Directors on Thursday afternoon.
You can see the schedule at