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Ginger VanWagoner

Host, Rhythm World

I started my show in 2000.  I recall it was shortly after the passing of Brother Asaiah (Bates), for those who have lived here long enough to remember this icon of peace and unity.  I dedicated that first show to his memory.

In the beginning, I explored the stacks of the radio station library in the "World" section to bring music from around the world, but because I'm a fan of jazz, pop, rock, soul, R&B, alternative, singer-songwriter, dance, etc.,  I branched out to include those genres as well.  Often times, my kids and grandkids have introduced me to some new music, so I try to include new music from many different sources. 

Over the years, I have learned new technology and have expanded my music library to include almost 10,000 songs that I can access on my computer or IPod.  Sometimes I have a particular theme that piques my interest, so I try to follow that thread to include as many genres as possible.  But what really appeals to me is music with a great rhythm to drive the music.  

I hope you'll join me on Mondays (about 2-3x per month) from 7- 9 pm on Rhythm World!