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Smith Gives SPH Quarterly Report

Courtesy of South Peninsula Hospital
South Peninsula Hospital

The chief of South Peninsula Hospital gave his organization’s quarterly report to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly last Tuesday night. Ryan Smith is the SPH CEO. He started with the financial effects of the pandemic.
    “So you can see  year over year, we've done about 11% increase in the gross patient revenues at the hospital.  Part of that increase  represents  the fact that we shut down elective surgeries in March of last year,  for the pandemic,” Smith said. “And so a lot of this increase in represents what a normal year would look like, but we're on pace to do about $150 million in gross patient revenue  in the current fiscal year.”
    Smith pointed out some bad debt the hospital is absorbing.
    “Again, we have relaxed a lot of the  collection practices of the hospital through the pandemic. So you'll see a little bit higher, bad debt for the hospital, which represents a little bit of that shortfall from net income in the current year,” Smith said. “But I think that we're  doing the right thing for our  for our residents of the service area.”
    Smith said that with the relaxing of covid restrictions, several inspections have taken place recently at SPH.
    “We did have an OSHA survey  regarding a complaint.  They were here on April 21st and April 22nd. And so  they, I think will issue  a report within the next 14 days. And  I think it was  you know, a good survey. There'll be a few things on there that we'll have to correct,” Smith said. “And we did also have a long-term care  life safety code survey. There were four  I think minor citations, you know, all of which we have rectified and sent back to the state.  We had a    survey in our laboratory and there were two minor deficiencies. Our laboratory does a great job and all of those have been resolved. And then we also had our sleep lab accredited with no deficiencies.”
    Smith also mentioned that SPH alone has given out about 6,800 individual doses of coronavirus vaccine, and said close to 60 percent of hospital employees have been fully vaccinated.

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