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KBBI Development Funds

KBBI Development Funds

KBBI’s Development Funds offer contributors the opportunity to advance the station’s mission and make its vision a reality by directing their gifts to support particular areas of need.

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative at KBBI that focuses on local News and Programming. We want to maintain the momentum we've recently gained with two fresh news staff, and pick up the pace with a more intentional approach to improving local reporting. As KBBI approaches its 40th anniversary on-air, we are going to move beyond the status quo. We’ve been looking at the big picture of KBBI’s News Department and how we can improve it to better serve KBBI’s mission. We want to broaden and deepen the scope of local news and investigative reporting to create a cutting-edge News department that will inform and engage the community in local issues.  We also want to be able to support KBBI’s role in providing emergency information services through our developing partnership with local fire and police departments.

To accomplish this, we need more staff time to meet a growing need for more in-depth coverage on issues in our communities. More staff time means not that we demand more hours from a hard-working two-person department, or that we continue expecting them to function without technology—hardware and software—that can streamline production. 

We are announcing the launch of a Local News and Programming Fund, a Technology Fund, and a Future Fund, and we invite all KBBI members to join us in supporting these funds.

KBBI Studios after 2017 maintenance work

KBBI Local News and Programming Production Fund
Beyond the usual, there is a wealth of local news, information, and entertainment that KBBI can share with our community, which has begun to extend far beyond the Kenai Peninsula. This fund provides for the costs of getting that content on the air and online – e.g., extra staff time and travel on the Kenai Peninsula and to remote areas we serve. It also helps ensure adequate staffing should the need arise during emergency situations. In addition, this fund may provide news fellowships, internships and scholarships to encourage interest in broadcast journalism. The annual goal of this fund is $30,000.

KBBI's old outdated consoles were replaced thanks to a large community effort in 2015.

KBBI Technology Fund
Technology is an integral part of KBBI’s operations, from microphones and turntables to computers, the website and Internet streaming, to mobile apps, and our bookkeeping and donation records. This fund helps keep KBBI’s equipment and infrastructure up to date to ensure efficient operations and—most important—the highest quality sound possible, no matter how listeners access our content.


KBBI Future Fund
KBBI’s staff and Board of Directors plan carefully for the station’s near and distant future. A list of priorities and timetable are in place for all aspects of operation, but unanticipated situations arise. Sometimes opportunities, sometimes challenge, these are times when the Future Fund ensures that every worthwhile opportunity and every critical challenge be addressed in a way that does not jeopardize KBBI’s financial health.

To invest directly in KBBI by contributing to one of these funds, please call us at (907) 235-7721 x224 or email for answers to your questions or to set up an appointment.

Thank you for supporting KBBI AM 890!