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Trails Report for Kachemak Bay State Park: July 14, 2021

Kachemak Bay State Parks

Hello. This is Ingrid from Friends of Kachemak Bay State Parks with this week's Trail Report updated Wednesday, July 14th. 

The following trails are clear and passable:

Alpine Ridge Trail. China Poot Lake Trail is flooded at mile two, but still passable.
Coalition Trail,  Estuary Trail, Diamond Creek Trail
and Grace Ridge Trail are all clear and passable.
Glacier Lake Trail and Grewingk Tram Spur Trail - there have been brown bear sightings. So please be bear aware. 
Grewingk Tram is open,  suggest two people and gloves for operation.
Saddle Trail,  Sadie Knob Trail. Tutka Hatchery Spur Trail, 
Tutka- Jakalof Trail and Tutka Lake Trail are all clear and passable. 

The following trails are passable yet difficult:

That includes Blue Ice Trail with some extra brushy conditions,
Goat Rope Trail with some patchy snow.
Lagoon Trail - no bridge across halibut Creek. So, ford at your own risk.
Moose Valley Trail, the trail is hard to follow at times.
Woznesenski River Trail has flooding.
It is impassable three miles from haystack rock to mile nine.

And finally, the following trails are difficult to impassable:

Coalition Loop Trail, which is impassable to the falls; 
Emerald Lake Loop Trail, which is not recommended to hike to the right.
Mallard Bay Trail and Mallard-Emerald Connector Trail, which are both closed and impassible.
Poot Peak Trail -  North, South, and Summit have deep snow, brushy conditions
and are hard to follow in places.

And lastly, Sentinel Ridge and Tutka Back Door are not recommended to hike due to additional construction needs and fragile sub-alpine areas. 

That's it for this report, the detailed trail report and updates can be found at
Please pack out where you pack in and be bear aware.
 And most importantly, have a great day in the park.