Tom Stroozas

City of Homer

Two seats on the Homer City Council are in contention for the October 1, 2019  Municipal Election. The seats are currently held by Shelly Erickson and Tom Stroozas who were elected in 2016. Erickson and Stroozas have both filed for re-election.

Stroozas Discusses Hopes for City Council Term

Oct 11, 2016
Photo Courtesy of City of Homer

Tom Stroozas was elected to Homer City Council during the regular municipal election on October 4, and sworn into office at Monday’s City Council meeting. He will serve for a three-year term. KBBI News Director Daysha Eaton talks with Stroozas about his hopes for his term on the council.

New Homer City Council Members Stroozas and Shelly Erickson along with new Homer Mayor Bryan Zak will participate in the next regular Homer City Council meeting on Monday, October 24.

Homer Election Certified, Confirms Results

Oct 8, 2016
Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The City of Homer has counted all the votes and certified the official results for the regular election that took place Tuesday, October 4.

“The certifying of the results include counting all of the absentee and early ballots, the question ballots, and special needs votes. It did adjust the percentages for the candidates slightly, and for the proposition,” said Jo Johnson, the City of Homer Clerk. She says that the newly counted ballots did not change the overall results of the election by much.

City Council Candidate Profile: Tom Stroozas

Sep 23, 2016
Photo Courtesy of City of Homer

Tom Stroozas moved to Homer in 2006 after falling in love with the town during a vacation. Stroozas ran for Homer City Council last year, but was not elected. He currently serves on the Panning and Zoning Commission for the city of Homer. He’s one of three candidates running for two seats on the Homer City Council. Incumbent Gus VanDyke and Bryan Zak are not running again, though Zak is running for mayor. 

Tom Stroozas Candidate Profile

Sep 22, 2015
Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

Homer’s 2015 General Municipal Election is approaching. The City has two open city council seats and six candidates competing for them. Click the icon above to hear an interview between KBBI’s Quinton Chandler and City Council Candidate Tom Stroozas.

Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

Candidates Donna Aderhold, Beau Burgess, and Joni Wise joined Host Quinton Chandler to discuss the issues  facing the City of Homer, and their positions on them, in the first of two programs featuring candidates for 2 open seats on the Homer City Council in the Municipal Election that occurs on Tuesday October 6th.