Teri Robl


Nov 25, 2020

With a worldwide pandemic raging, getting together for a big meal is a terrible idea.  Finding ways to shrink Thanksgiving classics down?  Fantastic idea.  Jeff Lockwood makes turkey ballotines (and has unkind things to say about the turducken), as well as sweet potato gnocchi and green bean casserole, with a remote appearance from Teri Robl's stuffin' muffins.

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 11/22/20.


Nov 25, 2020

Milk is much more than a drink - it's an important ingredient, contributing fat, texture, and flavor to many different foods - meatballs and quiche among them.  Jeff Lockwood is joined by Teri Robl for a look at one of the many useful products squeezed from underneath the cow. 

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 10/25/2020.

Sparkling Wine

Aug 30, 2020
Sparkling Wine
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Bubbles aren't just for special occasions.  The Grog Shop's Patrick Driscoll leads a tasting panel with Teri Robl, Grady Avant, and John Cottingham through five inexpensive, everyday sparkling wines from around the world.  Host Jeff Lockwood makes gougères to eat during the tasting. 

Wines provided by the Grog Shop.

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 08/30/20.


Aug 16, 2020
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Jeff Lockwood makes a Basque cake and a dacquoise with almond flour, then heads into Teri Robl's kitchen for an Italian tomato sauce with almonds and a forty-year-old recipe for almond chicken.

Produced by KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 8/16/20.


Feb 16, 2020
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Teri Robl picks the topic on this week's Check the Pantry, and Teri wants to talk about moose!  She brings her friend Nancy Wise into the kitchen at Station Twelve, and Nancy's son Cody Wise talks with Jeff Lockwood about hunting the animal.  Plus, all you ever wanted to know about Swedish møøse management!

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 02/16/20. 

Red Beans

Jan 26, 2020
Red Beans

On this week's Check the Pantry, host Jeff Lockwood makes a pot of red beans and rice.  Since Jeff took the easy route, guest Teri Robl digs into her culinary bag of tricks to come up with something else to do with red beans....

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  Partially recorded at Station Twelve. First aired 01/26/20.


Nov 10, 2019
Joey Lothian

Jeff Lockwood and Teri Robl go head to head in a mustard competition, judged by Joey Lothian, Kenny Williams, and Cristina Ferman.  Recorded in part at Station Twelve.

Produced at KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 11/10/19.


Jul 21, 2019

Jeff Lockwood visits Carey Restino at Homer Hilltop Farm to learn all about growing lettuce from a small-scale farmer's  perspective, and makes a Caesar salad with Teri Robl. 

First aired 07/21/19.


May 9, 2019
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

On this episode of Check the Pantry, Jeff Lockwood and Teri Robl try to figure out what, besides pie, to do with all the rhubarb that takes over Homer in the early spring, and Patrick Driscoll waxes enthusiastic about its possibilities as a beverage flavor.

Recorded at the studios of KBBI AM 890 in Homer, Alaska.  First aired 05/09/19. 


Apr 11, 2019
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Check the Pantry's spring season begins with a show about ham.  Jeff Lockwood and Teri Robl go through cooking hams large and small and how to use the leftovers.  They're joined for a bit by Skip Clary, all the way from Hungary, where he's surrounded by pork and wine. 

Recorded in Homer Alaska on April 11, 2019 at the studios of KBBI AM 890, with additional recording at Station Twelve


Feb 7, 2019
Preserving lemons
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Jeff Lockwood talks sweet and savory uses of lemons with Alice's kitchen manager Adriane Huff.  Plus, they come up with a three-course winter meal in which each course uses the sunny citrus.  Recorded at the KBBI studios in Homer, Alaska on February 7, 2019.


Jan 10, 2019
Dicing Onions
Jeff Lockwood / KBBI

Host Jeff Lockwood and his guest Teri Robl talk about everything onion, from mirepoix ratios to the onion rings praised by both Jeff and Bob Dylan.  They make a winter meal of French onion soup and a green bean salad created by Teri.  Plus weird Midwestern processed industrial "onion rings".  Recorded in Homer, Alaska at the KBBI studios and Station Twelve.  First aired 01/10/19.


Oct 25, 2018
Cabbage rolls
Jeff Lockwood

Join host Jeff Lockwood and guest Teri Robl for a discussion of all things cabbage from slaw to choucroute, and  Skip Clary and John Cottingham talk the Weihenstephaner Dunkel Hefeweissen.  Recorded at  Station Twelve  and at the KBBI Studios in Homer, Alaska on October 25, 2018.


Oct 11, 2018
Garbanzo Beans
Sanjay Acharya / Wikimedia Commons

Join host Jeff Lockwood and guest Teri Robl in a wide ranging discussion of all aspects of chickpeas, from hummus and falafel to chickpea curries and even how to use chickpea water to make meringue!  Plus, a wine pairing for hummus selected  by Skip Clary.  Recorded at Station Twelve and at the KBBI studios in Homer, Alaska on October 11, 2018. 

CoffeeTable: Teri Robl Holiday Cooking Show

Dec 22, 2016
Alder Seaman, KBBI

Local chef and columnist Teri Robl joined Kathleen Gustafson to share holiday recipes and cooking tips on the CoffeeTable program.