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As the federal and state governments continue to roll out Covid-19 vaccines, they designate the doses for different groups. In the general population, those 65 and older are currently prioritized. Healthcare and assisted living facility personnel and residents were in the first wave of inoculations.
    Other doses have been specifically earmarked for federally-funded Indian Health Service clinics, and are sent to them directly, skipping the state middleman.

Five new COVID-19 cases break out locally

May 28, 2020

There were 13 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Alaska Thursday, with seven of them on the Kenai Peninsula. Five of those positive results were from residents of the Southern Kenai Peninsula. Derotha Ferraro said four people with symptoms were tested at South Peninsula Hospital, while Laurel Hilts said SVT Health & Wellness was notified by the state that one of its test samples came back positive from someone who was not showing symptoms, but was getting a pre-surgery screening.

Stethoscopes via Wikimedia Commons

Beginning next year, a new law will require all health care providers in Alaska to be more transparent about their prices. Some hope it will give consumers the tools to shop around, boosting competition and subsequently lowering prices. While it may help prevent sticker shock, experts said the move most likely won’t result in cheaper medical procedures. 

Davon Smith is the clinical business operations director for SVT Health and Wellness in the Homer area. He said if health care prices catch patients off guard and they are unable to pay, it can impede their treatment.  

Health Insurance Marketplace Deadlines Ahead

Dec 28, 2016
Photo Courtesy of SVT Health and Wellness

Those in need of health insurance in the upcoming year have a little over a month left to get their coverage lined up through the federal health insurance marketplace. The open enrollment period for the marketplace started on Nov. 1.

Jessie Menkens is the Navigator Program Coordinator at the Alaska Primary Care Association. She helps people get connected with healthcare coverage. She says if Alaskans are interested in getting coverage for the upcoming year, they need to get going.