Stephanie Stillwell

Pandemic adds challenges to recovery process

Aug 5, 2020
Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

    During the Southern Kenai Peninsula Opioid Task Force July meeting, attendees heard a talk from Dr. Reverend Ted Wiard, a New Mexico clinician, on the parallels between loss and grief, and addiction and recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The meeting was held over Zoom video conferencing.

City of Homer

The Homer City Council received its quarterly update from the Southern Kenai Peninsula Opioid Task Force during its meeting on Monday. Stephanie Stillwell said the organization has been forced to make changes in outreach because of COVID-19.
    “We've kind of had to switch gears on some of our initiatives and prioritize things a bit differently,” Stillwell said. “So we wanted to really focus on how we can still remain visible and stay connected in our community through this social distancing experiment we're all in.