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   The latest results for House District 31 from the State of Alaska Division of Elections show Rep. Sarah Vance with a solid 2,200 vote lead over challenger Kelly Cooper. With nine of nine precincts reporting, Vance has 3,711 votes, or 70 percent, to Cooper’s 1,571, or 30 percent. 

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This week, District P. incumbent Republican Senator Gary Stevens of Kodiak and challenger Greg Madden of Soldotna, representing the Alaska Independence Party, take questions from the listeners and talk about their candidacies, the budget, education, the PFD and State response to COVID-19.
Election day is Tuesday, November 3. Early, in person and absentee voting are underway. For information about voting on the Kenai Peninsula, click on the links to contact your local city or borough clerk.

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      Preliminary Primary Election results show close races and a number of upsets brewing across the state. On the Kenai Peninsula, there’s a little bit of that drama, even though two incumbent state representatives are running unopposed.

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Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy this week unveiled his plan to begin reopening some businesses closed due to the coronavirus emergency mandates. The plan includes restaurants, with guidelines on table distances and other factors designed to lower the chance of transmitting the Covid-19 disease.

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Governor Mike Dunleavy announced his vetoes of the state operating budget Tuesday. In it are many cuts to education, Marine Highway and public broadcasting.
    District P Senator Gary Stevens, a Republican of Kodiak, who represents Homer in the State Capital, said he was  pleased with how the governor wielded the veto pen.

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    In what is likely the last report from the capital this session, Dist. P Sen. Gary Stevens (R-Kodiak) spoke with KBBI’s Jay Barrett and updates us on the emergency bills that have passed, as well as developments halting evictions and repossessions during the coronavirus emergency. Stevens said the Legislature has fulfilled its constitutional duties and has gone into recess. If they’re not called back, the session will be adjourned after 121 days have passed since it opened in January. 

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In this week’s report from Juneau, District P Senator Gary Stevens speaks with KBBI’s Jay Barrett about coronavirus preparations the legislature has been making in an effort to adjourn as soon as possible.

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KBBI:        Why don't you give me the update on the legislation that you folks are working on down there?


   As winter releases its icy grip on coastal Alaska, the natural inclination of many is to get ready for fishing season. This year, with travel restrictions in place and social distancing all the rage, the season for both fishermen and processors looks precarious from the perspective of District P Senator Gary Stevens. His district includes the ports of Kodiak, Cordova and Homer. He spoke with KBBI’s Jay Barrett.

Juneau update from Sen. Stevens

Mar 21, 2020
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    A lot of things have changed in Alaska in the week since we last spoke with District P Senator Gary Stevens. Last week there were no coronavirus cases in Alaska and “social distancing” was a strange, new concept. Now the State Capital is closed to the public and the legislature still has a lot of work to do. 

    Stevens phoned in and spoke with KBBI’s Jay Barrett on Wednesday.

Sen. Stevens: Supply chain is secure

Mar 19, 2020
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    Worry over shortages have caused a run on items such as hand wipes and toilet paper, even though officials have said repeatedly that the supply chain from Outside to Alaska -- mostly through the Port of Seattle -- is secure.

    District P Senator Gary Stevens of Kodiak represents the south half of the Kenai Peninsula.

District P Senator Gary Stevens of Kodiak called from Juneau on Monday after the senate gaveled out. He spoke with KBBI’s Kathleen Gustafson for this Legislative Update.

The special session of the Alaska State Legislature is split between two cities. Most legislators are in session at the capitol in Juneau, but about a third of Alaska senators and representatives followed Governor Dunleavy to Wasilla, making an override of the governor’s budget cuts an impossibility. District P Senator Gary Stevens of Kodiak spoke with KBBI’s Kathleen Gustafson by phone from Juneau about the failure to override and about what comes next in the special session for this week’s Legislative Update.

Senator Gary Stevens spoke with KBBI's Kathleen Gustafson about the possibility of a special session in Wasilla and about his work as chair of the legislative council and education committee for this week's Legislative Update.

Legislative call-in with Sen. Gary Stevens

Feb 8, 2019
Photo courtesy of Gary Stevens.

KBBI’s Renee Gross spoke with Sen. Gary Stevens Thursday morning about what the deadlock over the organization of the state House means for the senate and the state education commissioner’s comments to the senate finance committee on a public education funding review.