Mayor Ken Castner


With the U.S. Census largely complete, it’s time now for the Alaska Redistricting Board to redraw house and senate districts, boundaries that will be in use for the next decade.
    Peter Torkelson is the executive director of the Redistricting Board. He gave an introduction to the process to the Homer City Council this week.

City of Homer

  The Homer City Council put into code the launching procedures for motorized personal watercraft within city limits at its meeting Monday night. It also introduced an ordinance to expand the “no wake” zone around the spit and Beluga Slough.

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At a recent budget work session, Mayor Ken Castner had a question about communications equipment used by city employees. He asked City Information Manager Nick Poolos if cell phones were going to replace mobile radios any time soon.

“What’s the deal with radios?,” he asked. “Why are we still using radios around Homer when we have great cell phone coverage?”

Daisy Kettle

March 8 was International Women’s Day, and during that night’s Homer City Council meeting Mayor Ken Castner took a moment to recognize the accomplishments of Daisy Kettle, a young Homer woman.

Castner impressed with Covid-19 vaccination clinic

Jan 18, 2021
City of Homer


Friday morning was the first vaccination clinic for senior citizens in the general public. Initially available were 600 appointments, but 700 people were scheduled, with 200 more put on a waiting list. 

    Homer Mayor Ken Castner spoke with KBBI’s Jay Barrett not long after getting his first dose.

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The Homer City Council Monday night moved forward an approximately $20,000 expenditure to figure out which solution would be best for solving an on-going issue with the lone sewer pump-station that serves the Homer Spit.
    “So that particular lift station happens to collect all the sewage that comes off the spit.”
    Public Works Director Jan Keiser addressed the city council during its Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday. She said the lower volume of sewer in the wintertime has been causing serious problems for years.

Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association

It appears Homer’s mayor is becoming more comfortable casting his tie-breaking vote. After barely using it at all during his first term in office, Mayor Ken Castner on Monday night cast a tie-breaking vote and threatened a veto.
    The first instance was when the council took up a resolution supporting the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association and opposing proposed changes in the Kachemak Bay State Park management plan that would force the association’s Tutka Bay Hatchery to close.

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On this week's Coffee Table, meet the candidates for mayor of Homer.

Challenger, Councilmember Donna Aderhold and incumbent Mayor Ken Castner talk about their candidacies and take questions from the listeners.


City of Homer

Absentee, special needs, and questioned ballots for the Homer Municipal Election were counted Monday afternoon by the city’s Election Canvass Board. Nearly half of the 1,901 ballots cast, 863 of them, were made in one of those ways. There was an exceptional turnout of 37 percent.
    The influx of votes did not change any of the outcomes from last week. However, in the mayoral race, challenger Donna Aderhold picked up 474 votes to incumbent Mayor Ken Castner’s gain of 363, narrowing the gap between them to 84 votes. Castner’s victory margin was 52 percent to 47 percent.

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On this week's Coffee Table, meet the candidates for mayor of Homer for the October 6, 2020 municipal election.

Challenger, Councilmember Donna Aderhold and incumbent Mayor Ken Castner talk about their candidacies and take questions from the listeners.


At last night’s Homer City Council meeting, the council extended the City of Homer Disaster Emergency Declaration to October 27, 2020. And, they inched closer to a mask mandate.

Mayor Ken Castner said he spoke with Governor Dunleavy on several teleconferences last Wednesday through Monday, about a letter the council sent last month to the governor, requesting a statewide mask mandate or the power to declare masks mandatory in Homer. Dunleavy declined to mandate masks for the whole state but affirmed that the City of Homer can require masks.

State of Alaska

Alaska Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink was the special guest of the Homer City Council at Monday night’s regular meeting, with Mayor Ken Castner moving a question and answer session with her to the top of the agenda.
    Frustration was clear in Castner and council member’s questions as they pointed out how Homer and the South Peninsula have become the hottest Covid-19 spot in the state, second only to Anchorage.

The Homer City Council received a lot of interest in the position of city manager when the job was advertised for the second time this year. After going through the resumes of more than three-dozen candidates, five were selected for audio interviews with the council. Those were held on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Afterwards, the council settled on moving forward with only one of the candidates, Rob Dumouchel of Eureka, Calif.


   Just a week into Governor Mike Dunleavy’s relaxing of his business-closing mandates in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and three new cases of Covid-19 have been identified in Homer.
    As more people from Outside come to Alaska in an attempt to flee the infection, some may be bringing it with them, and Homer Mayor Ken Castner is concerned not all are taking the 14-day self-quarantine seriously.

Mayor Castner: Sustain the reopening with facemasks

Apr 29, 2020

At Monday night’s Homer City Council meeting, Mayor Ken Castner responded to the governor’s announcement relaxing business closures in response to a slowing of Covid-19 infections in the state.
    Early in the meeting, Castner stepped in to read from a number of Powerpoint slides detailing what is opening and the restrictions still in place while open.