Mariner Theater

True Stories about Home with Tom Bodett

Sep 13, 2019

Tom Bodett returned to Homer for a performance at the Mariner Theater on Sunday, September 8.  A storytelling show based around the structure used by "The Moth", "True Stories about Home" features Bodett and guests Ian Chillag, Amy Malouf, Dame Wilburn, and Peter Aguero. 

KBBI is pleased to present the full audio from the show.

Jesus Christ Superstar opens at Mariner Theater

Oct 6, 2017
Courtesy of Pier One Theater

Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to Homer. The rock musical, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the 1970s, is based on Jesus’s last week of life.

Pier One Theater’s Lance Peterson, Mark Robinson and Jennifer Norton are directing the play. Norton is very proud of her cast of 48 community members, and she warns that this production takes place somewhere a bit more modern than Jerusalem.

“Near-future dystopian alternate reality, definitely think Blade Runner,” Norton said.

Image Courtesy of UAA Department of Theatre and Dance.

The UAA production of, “Stalking the Bogeyman” will be performed Friday, June 3 in Homer. The play is based on a 2004 essay by journalist David Holthouse. It chronicles his experiences after the person who sexually assaulted him when he was a child, in Anchorage, moved nearby to where he was living, in Colorado. KBBI News Director, Daysha Eaton talks with David Holthouse.