KPC Showcase Series

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On this episode of Coffee Table, you'll hear part 2 of the latest  Kenai Peninsula College Showcase Series. It was recorded on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

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On this week's  special, two hour Coffee Table, you'll hear a recording of last Wednesday's KPC Showcase  Series discussion about changes, over time, in local fisheries.

Moderator, Dave Atcheson and local fishers, Hope Roberts and Brent Johnson talk about their experience sport and commercial fishing on the Peninsula.

KPC Showcase melds local knowledge and science

Dec 2, 2020

Tonight (Wednesday) at 6 p.m., the Soldotna campus of Kenai Peninsula College will present part one of a Zoom video conference series on the changing climate and how hunting and fishing could be affected. Led by Dave Atcheson, this two-part “KPC Showcase” will feature a discussion on changes experienced by those who’ve fished Alaska waters for decades.  

Kenai Peninsula College

On this morning's  The Coffee Table, learn about the latest from Kenai Peninsula College’s Showcase Series: A Changing Kenai Peninsula, Climate Change’s Possible Impact on the Future of Hunting and Fishing.