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Coffee Table - Municipal Election Candidates

Sep 15, 2021
Shahla Farzan/KBBI

This week on The Coffee Table, we welcome (pretty much) all the candidates for elected office that will appear on the Municipal Election ballot on October 5. 

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KBBI Voter Minute No.2

Aug 30, 2021
Kenai Peninsula Votes

Welcome back to the KBBI voter minute brought to you by Kenai Peninsula Votes, a non-partisan group that wants to increase voter participation and voter education. You can contact us on our Kenai Peninsula Votes Facebook page. This week, we will talk about voter registration and the different ways you can cast your ballot for the upcoming election on October 5th.

Kenai Peninsula Votes

What kind of voter are you? Are you a voter who likes to go to the polls, and proudly gets the sticker that says “I have voted”? Would you rather vote early or absentee?  Are you a person who thinks that your vote doesn’t count? Are you a person who doesn’t believe that government is working for you? Or do you not vote at all?

Kenai Peninsula Votes

This week on Coffee Table, a rebroadcast of the candidate’s forum for House District 31 in the August 18th primary.

The program aired live on KBBI Tuesday, August 11, 2020. It features primary candidates for US Senate, US House, State Senate and State House.
The forum was produced by Kenai Peninsula Votes with technical assistance from the Homer Public Library and moderated by Sean Cambell.