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Some landline phone users lost the ability to reach 911 dispatchers in Homer yesterday. Homer Police Department issued a statement yesterday saying that cell phones were the only reliable way to reach local 911 dispatch. That issue has now been resolved.

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At the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly last week, the borough passed a 10-year operating agreement effective January 1, 2020 with South Peninsula Hospital Incorporated, the nonprofit that provides the care in the facility that the borough owns. It was also approved by the City of Homer who owns the land.

The hospital recently received certification as a Level 4 trauma center, offered several Stop the Bleed trainings for both medical professionals and community members and received statewide recognition for staff of the Physical Therapy Department.

Take a look at the KPB Comprehensive Plan

Aug 30, 2019
Kenai Peninsula Borough

After more than two years of planning, researching and gathering public comments, the public is finally getting a look at the final draft of the borough’s comprehensive plan.

Dorothy Drive easement upheld

Aug 17, 2019
Kenai Peninsula Borough

At Monday night’s Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission meeting, The commission rejected a petition to block public access to an easement bordering properties off Skyline Drive near Homer. KBBI’s Kathleen Gustafson has the story with reporting by Elizabeth Earl in Soldotna.

Correction: A previous version of the story identified the neighborhood as Diamond Ridge. It is better definied as being off Skyline Drive. 

Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management

The National EAS Test will take place next week on Wednesday, August 7.
The Emergency Alert System will send a test to radio and television stations. In preparation for this test, KBBI's Kathleen Gustafson hosted a discussion on emergency preparedness with Homer’s Volunteer Fire Department  Chief Mark Kirko, outgoing fire chief, Robert Purcell, Lieutenant Ryan Browning from the Homer Police Department and Dan Nelson from the Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management. 

Kenai Peninsula Borough

At Monday night’s Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission meeting, Beachcomber LLC owner, Emmitt Trimble was granted a heavily contested permit to dig a gravel pit on his property in Anchor Point. KBBI's Kathleen Gustafson spoke with Trimble and Kenai Peninsula Borough planner Bruce Wall, the morning after the meeting.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly

Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce vetoed roughly $2.4 million worth of supplemental education funding on Monday. The additional dollars would have brought the borough’s contribution to the district for the 2019 fiscal year up to the maximum allowed under state law.

Supporters say the move would provide certainty for the district as it hires teachers and the state budget for next fiscal year continues to take shape in Juneau.

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Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce is still contemplating whether to veto $2.4 million in supplemental funding for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly approved the funding earlier this month in an effort to reduce the number of pink slips handed out to teachers by the school district as it waits for the state Legislature and the borough to approve education funding for the following year.

Kenai Peninsula Borough

Updated: 9:31 a.m. 4/4/19

There’s a war of words over education funding on the Kenai Peninsula. Critics of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s proposed cuts to K-12 education have been sounding the alarm over the threat of school closures. But the borough mayor is taking on the governor’s critics.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce recently used an appearance on KSRM AM in Soldotna to take on the governor’s critics.

Dunleavy's budget cuts will cost Homer and borough

Feb 14, 2019
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Gov. Mike Dunleavy unveiled his far-reaching budget proposal Wednesday and it’s left public officials on the Kenai Peninsula with more questions than answers.

Homer City Manager Katie Koester said the city has a laundry list of concerns when it comes to the cuts that may be in the fine print of Dunleavy’s budget proposal.

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The Kenai Peninsula Borough is spending more money on appeals related to the borough planning commission’s decisions than it originally anticipated.  There have been three appeals so far this fiscal year.  Two of the appeals were related to gravel pit permits.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly designated about $26,000 to cover additional costs during its meeting Tuesday.

The assembly has spent roughly $16,0000 on appeals so far this fiscal year.

Kenai Peninsula Borough

Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy’s transition team announced four high level appointments Monday. John Quick, current chief of staff to Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce, is on list.

Quick will head the Department of Administration. The department houses several state agencies, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Public Defender Agency and the Office of Public Advocacy. A handful of commissions, including the Alaska Public Offices Commission, also fall within the department’s wheelhouse.

Courtesy of the City of Seward

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, is awarding the City of Seward disaster relief after a storm in December severely damaged a road that leads to a small village south of town.  

City Manager Jim Hunt said a strong tidal surge in the Gulf of Alaska combined with strong southerly winds sent waves crashing over Lowell Point Road during a high tide cycle in Resurrection Bay.

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Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce unveiled a new tax proposal during a Homer Chamber of Commerce luncheon Tuesday.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly voted down Pierce’s plan to spend nearly half of the borough’s land trust fund to fill a roughly $4 million budget gap.

Pierce initially proposed spending $3 million from the fund, but later amended his proposal to $4.5 million in order to provide more education funding. The assembly voted both proposals down.

Borough adopts new emergency alert system

May 2, 2018
Courtesy of the Kenai Peninsula Borough

After a large earthquake sounded tsunami alarms around the Gulf of Alaska in January, communities put their emergency plans and equipment to the test, and some communities found shortcomings.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Department of Emergency Management had issues with its emergency notification system, Rapid Notify, which calls landlines and subscribed cell phones with automated messages.

Dan Nelson is the head of the department. He said some Kenai Peninsula residents never received a call, or received it hours after the tsunami warning was no longer in effect.