Homer City Council 2021

City Lobbyists update Homer City Council

Aug 31, 2021
City of Homer

During a special meeting Monday afternoon, the Homer City Council heard a report from its lobbying team of Reggie Joule and Christy Hess of J-and-H Consulting of Juneau. Joule is a former longtime Northwest Arctic state representative.
    During their presentation, the pair briefed the council on who in government they’ve been in contact with regarding city projects and funding, including working with Sen. Gary Stevens on funding for the Homer Harbor expansion project.

City of Homer

Monday night the Homer City Council made an appointment to fill the seat left vacant when Joey Evenson resigned last month.
    After interviewing two candidates over Zoom, the council selected Jason Davis on a 4-0 vote.
    Excused from the vote was Councilman Heath Smith because he happens to be currently running against Davis for that very seat. Though Smith is currently serving the last few months of his second three-year term, he chose to seek the one-year term in this year’s election, after contemplating not seeking reelection.

No On-Site Cannabis Consumption for Homer

Aug 11, 2021
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Homer City Council Monday night decided against becoming the fourth community in the state to allow on-site consumption of cannabis products. It was not an application by Old Town’s Cosmic Cannabis Company that was voted down, but two of their owners, including Chris Logan, spoke in favor of the ordinance.
    “Me and my business partner Chris Long are co-owners of the CCC on East Bunnell Ave, right next to Two Sisters," Logan said. "Several of you have been down there to visit us.”

City of Homer

Another candidate has filed for reelection to the Homer City Council. Two-term incumbent Heath Smith filed his intention to seek a third term, but in a surprising move, he filed for the seat with just a one-year term, not another three-year term.
    At last week’s Homer City Council meeting, the first one held in city hall for 15 months, Smith said he enjoyed meeting in person again.

Evensen leaves city council

Jul 13, 2021

    The Homer City Council has an opening on it. It was created when Councilmember Joey Evensen resigned in frustration last week.

    In an email dated Thursday afternoon, Evensen wrote, quote, “Due to the Council’s consistent lack of productivity and strongly unpleasant work environment I can no longer justify spending my time on the Homer City Council. Therefore I am stepping down from my seat,” unquote.

    He closed with best wishes and a “hope for a change in course soon.”

Council advances term-limits ordinance

Jun 29, 2021
City of Homer

At the Homer City Council meeting last night, Mayor Ken Castner offered up names of citizens interested in serving on the city’s commissions and committees.
    One of them was Roberta Highland, who has served more than a decade on the Planning Commission. The topic was discussed in the council’s Committee of the Whole meeting.
    “I actually gave some consideration to replacing Roberta because she'd been on for 11 years,” Castner said. “And I did talk to Roberta about it today for quite a while, just about the longevity of serving on a commission.”

Homer Council turns back election change

Jun 15, 2021
City of Homer

Since the defeat of President Donald Trump in November, there have been hundreds of bills introduced across the nation at every level of government by conservative politicians to change voting procedures.
    Including Homer.
    The Homer City Council, ostensibly a non-partisan body, faced an ordinance last night that would have fundamentally changed the way elections are conducted. It was introduced just a few weeks ago by Councilmember Heath Smith.


As the number of vaccinated people rises, COVID-19 cases decrease. That was the core message that Information Officer for the City of Homer, Jenny Carroll delivered to Homer City Council Monday night. 

Break Up of DV North Pacific Pending

Jun 4, 2021
Jay Barrett/KBBI

Visitors to the Homer Boat Harbor will have a new landmark to guide them this summer. The rusting hull of the former fishing vessel North Pacific is aground near the west-end launch ramps, awaiting dismantling.
    Homer Councilmember Heath Smith asked City Manager Rob Dumouchel about the boat’s situation at last week’s city council meeting.

KBBI file and courtesy Homer News

Currently, Homer City Council members are elected “at-large.” That means every year, two of the six council positions are up for election, and all the people who want to be on the council compete against each other for the most votes. The top two vote-getters are declared the winners.
    Now, two council members want the city to have designated seats, which would force challengers to pick which council member they will run against. It does not guarantee that the top two vote-getters will be the winners, just that the top vote-getter for each seat will be declared the winner.


Homer Unified Command delivered their regular report to Homer City Council on Monday night. KBBI's Kathleen Gustafson has this recap.

City of Homer

The Homer City Council has a regular meeting scheduled for tonight, as well as a committee of the whole meeting, but city hall is still lacking some crucial equipment to allow councilmembers to meet in person. The city’s Jenny Carroll explained it on Thursday’s Covid Brief.
    “We are just like  many supply chains around the  country are experiencing this  anywhere from police vehicles all the way down,” she said. “It's a long wait for materials these days. And I'm really sorry that the timing has worked out that way, but that's what we are up against at this point.”


With the U.S. Census largely complete, it’s time now for the Alaska Redistricting Board to redraw house and senate districts, boundaries that will be in use for the next decade.
    Peter Torkelson is the executive director of the Redistricting Board. He gave an introduction to the process to the Homer City Council this week.

Council Debates Future of Asset Reserve Funds

May 11, 2021
City of Homer

The City of Homer has a small handful of fund accounts that some think have become unwieldy and carry the potential for spending outside of the budget. The Capital Asset Repair and Maintenance Allowance, or CARMA Fund is  reserves for replacement of a wide variety of the city’s assets, such as water and sewer infrastructure and vehicles in the city’s various fleets.
    Mayor Ken Castner has been advocating for reining the accounts in with consolidation, and spoke to it at last night’s city council “Committee of the Whole” meeting.


Homer"s Unified Command highlighted The State of Alaska's Sleeves Up program in their report to Homer City Council on Monday night.