Homer City Council 2021

Break Up of DV North Pacific Pending

Jun 4, 2021
Jay Barrett/KBBI

Visitors to the Homer Boat Harbor will have a new landmark to guide them this summer. The rusting hull of the former fishing vessel North Pacific is aground near the west-end launch ramps, awaiting dismantling.
    Homer Councilmember Heath Smith asked City Manager Rob Dumouchel about the boat’s situation at last week’s city council meeting.

KBBI file and courtesy Homer News

Currently, Homer City Council members are elected “at-large.” That means every year, two of the six council positions are up for election, and all the people who want to be on the council compete against each other for the most votes. The top two vote-getters are declared the winners.
    Now, two council members want the city to have designated seats, which would force challengers to pick which council member they will run against. It does not guarantee that the top two vote-getters will be the winners, just that the top vote-getter for each seat will be declared the winner.


Homer Unified Command delivered their regular report to Homer City Council on Monday night. KBBI's Kathleen Gustafson has this recap.

City of Homer

The Homer City Council has a regular meeting scheduled for tonight, as well as a committee of the whole meeting, but city hall is still lacking some crucial equipment to allow councilmembers to meet in person. The city’s Jenny Carroll explained it on Thursday’s Covid Brief.
    “We are just like  many supply chains around the  country are experiencing this  anywhere from police vehicles all the way down,” she said. “It's a long wait for materials these days. And I'm really sorry that the timing has worked out that way, but that's what we are up against at this point.”


With the U.S. Census largely complete, it’s time now for the Alaska Redistricting Board to redraw house and senate districts, boundaries that will be in use for the next decade.
    Peter Torkelson is the executive director of the Redistricting Board. He gave an introduction to the process to the Homer City Council this week.

Council Debates Future of Asset Reserve Funds

May 11, 2021
City of Homer

The City of Homer has a small handful of fund accounts that some think have become unwieldy and carry the potential for spending outside of the budget. The Capital Asset Repair and Maintenance Allowance, or CARMA Fund is  reserves for replacement of a wide variety of the city’s assets, such as water and sewer infrastructure and vehicles in the city’s various fleets.
    Mayor Ken Castner has been advocating for reining the accounts in with consolidation, and spoke to it at last night’s city council “Committee of the Whole” meeting.


Homer"s Unified Command highlighted The State of Alaska's Sleeves Up program in their report to Homer City Council on Monday night.

Caseload Drops for Homer PD During Pandemic Year

Apr 29, 2021
Homer Police Department

During Monday night’s Homer City Council Committee of the Whole meeting, council members heard the annual report from city Police Chief Mark Robl.
    His report showed that one side effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the past year has been a sizable reduction in the police citations.

City of Homer

  The Homer City Council put into code the launching procedures for motorized personal watercraft within city limits at its meeting Monday night. It also introduced an ordinance to expand the “no wake” zone around the spit and Beluga Slough.

City of Homer

At Monday night's meeting of the Committee of the Whole, City Manager Rob Dumouchel and Jan Keiser, Director of the Department of Public Works presented their Road Maintenance Financial Plan.  The plan details a method for assessing and authorizing City road improvements through the Homer Accelerated Road & Trails Fund. 

Homer’s COVID Unified Command made their regular report to Homer City Council Monday night.  Mary Darbonne, Public Health Nurse at the Homer Public Health Center and Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, cited current, State figures on number of vaccines distributed from Ninilchik South and across the bay.

Nurse Darbonne says the total vaccinations, administered so far is, 9,381, and the total number of people fully vaccinated is 4,442. That's 30% of the total population of the Southern Peninsula vaccinated, so far.

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At a recent budget work session, Mayor Ken Castner had a question about communications equipment used by city employees. He asked City Information Manager Nick Poolos if cell phones were going to replace mobile radios any time soon.

“What’s the deal with radios?,” he asked. “Why are we still using radios around Homer when we have great cell phone coverage?”

City of Homer

This year, the city of Homer will shift fiscal years from its former January 1 start date to July first. The city operates on a two-year budget, and planning is underway. First-year City Manager Rob Dumouchel walked the city council through the administration needs yesterday evening during the first of several planned budget work sessions.
    “Really, this is about getting feedback from council. You know, we want to hear your ideas,” he said.

Daisy Kettle

March 8 was International Women’s Day, and during that night’s Homer City Council meeting Mayor Ken Castner took a moment to recognize the accomplishments of Daisy Kettle, a young Homer woman.


COVID-19 vaccine is available now at several locations on the Southern Kenai Peninsula for people who qualify. Anyone over the age of 55 can get the vaccine along with essential workers of any age, people who live in multigenerational households and people who work in congregate settings.