Emilie Springer

Emilie Springer: Meet Ivan Heimbuch

Sep 14, 2021
Emilie Springer/KBBI

Emilie Springer -- Memories in Names

Aug 30, 2021
Tim Troll

The last story I was able to share with KBBI was in June in conversation with Dr. Marcus Horning and his research on sleeper sharks.  After that, Prince William Sound started fishing daily and it wasn’t feasible to compose and do deck work at the same time.  I had some ideas, at least one that I hope I’ll still be able to share from a man who worked in one of the Chenega canneries in several decades ago.  The cannery piers are still visible there and I couldn’t help but wonder what it used to be like. But!

Emilie Springer: Microbial Worlds

Jun 21, 2021
Pratt Museum and Park

Expressing and Sharing Collaborative Arts and Science to Learn About Place Around Us

Emilie Springer/KBBI

The first day of the 2021 Homer Farmer’s Market was May 29th, I stopped by at the end of the day to talk a little about how the first day went.  New director Lauren Jerew, hired in March, says, “Things went really well today!  We had quite a few people come through and that’s fun to see.  The vendors that I've talked to so far say it was a really successful first market.  Jerew says the market is doing a head count three times/ day to try and get an idea of how many visitors are stopping by.  On the first day?  “We probably easily saw 250 or 300 people roll through,” Jerew says, “I think t

Emilie Springer - Theater Camp

Jun 3, 2021
Emilie Springer/KBBI

Last week, was the first week of the first session of Pier One’s long-standing theater camp.  Perhaps as old as the theater itself, there are several second-generation campers in the line-up.

Emilie Springer

“Salmon is Just Fish”
Comments from a Kenai Peninsula fisherman with a Prince William Sound drift permit

Emilie Springer: Meet Two Graduating Seniors

May 11, 2021

The 20-21 school year is winding down and today I’m talking with seniors Zoe Stonorov and Aiyana Cline about what the school year has been like and what their plans are after high school graduation, coming up on May 18th. This year graduation will take place outdoors in the track area and students will have a set number of tickets to provide to family and friends.  

Emilie Springer: Ohlson Mountain Rope Tow

May 7, 2021
Sarah Banks

     “The closing day for Homer’s rope tow is coming right up,” Bill Wiebe tells me as we sit down to talk about some history.  May 9th is the last day, one more Sunday! “Come on out, even if you don’t ski!  Come up and look at it, it’s pretty cool,” Wiebe says.  He’s joined by Sarah Banks.

     “We may have a little hill but people come out of here being great skiiers and snow boarders. You have talk to Davey Baird,” both Wiebe and Banks agree.  

Emilie Springer: Farewell to Miss Claudia

May 3, 2021
Ashley Hansen

Are you ready for a story about a storyteller?  This week I talked to Claudia Haines’ at Homer Public Library and the past 18 years she’s spent here.  However, the position of youth services librarian was posted by the City of Homer about a week ago and there are only two more weeks left for Miss Claudia.  I start by asking her how she first connected to the library.

Homer News

April is the month of Jubilee, a festival for Homer’s youth spring arts in all forms.  This year, and all this month, Homer Council on the Arts is hosting the visual component in their gallery. 

 KBBI's Emilie Springer combed the Homer News archive at the Homer Public Library to review some Jubilee performances past.

Emilie Springer: Farming the Sea

Apr 6, 2021
Weatherly Bates

Weatherly and Greg Bates’ interest in seafood started through historic east coast markets and in academia at the University of Rhode Island, URI.  The Bates are both originally from Little Compton, Rhode Island.  A small town of about 3,000 people.

Central Alaska Razor Clams

Emilie Springer: Homer Red Meat Center

Mar 23, 2021

The University of Alaska’s Red Meat Center in Homer is a glimpse into a much larger piece politics and education in Alaska.

Pratt Museum

This week, Emilie Springer takes on a tour of the Homer Winter Carnival, circa 1977, when the theme was, “Those were the days.”

    Emilie Springer regularly brings us observations on people, places and things in and around Homer.



Emilie Springer: NOMAR goes to Space

Mar 2, 2021

Nomar is a busy local business producing and providing gear from their expanding shop for many purposes, but one of their most exciting to report? A gear contract with NASA, National Air and Space Association, for the upcoming Artemis moon launch. Vessels across the marine industry in Alaska and beyond have been using reliable, sturdy, flexible, fast draining fish storage and brailer bags since 1982.