Jay Barrett/KBBI

In the months following the disappearance of a 38-year-old Homer woman from the streets of downtown last October, a series of community conversations have been held to help the public deal with the shock and aftermath. Friends of Anesha “Duffy” Murnane have scheduled another conversation for Thursday, this one focused on safety and self-defense.
    Christina Whiting is one of the organizers of the conversation.

Police and community gather for Duffy

Feb 18, 2020
Bring Duffy Home

Friends and family gathered at the Islands & Ocean Visitor Center last Thursday night for a community conversation with the Homer Police Department concerning the case of missing Homer woman Anesha Duffy Murnane. She has been missing since October 17, 2019. Duffy’s friends and family facilitated the conversation. KBBI's Christina Whiting is assisting in organizing efforts to find Duffy.  Whiting helped facilitate the meeting.

Homer continues the search for Duffy

Nov 26, 2019
Christina Whiting

Nearly six weeks after Anesha “Duffy” Murnane went missing in Homer, efforts by family, friends, law enforcement and community members to locate her continue. Murnane left her supportive housing apartment at 12:13 p.m. on October 17, as evidenced by video taken at the apartment complex. She is believed to have been heading for a medical appointment just a few blocks away and has not been seen since.

Homer Police Department

At 12:13 PM on October 17, Anesha “Duffy” Murnane, a 38-year old Homer woman, was caught on video walking away from her apartment complex, presumably towards a doctor’s appointment she had at 1 PM.  That video is the last known sighting of her.  Murnane was living in the supportive housing apartment due to a recent illness that her family says she had nearly fully recovered from.  Staff there notified the Homer Police Department that she was missing around 10AM on October 19. 

Interview with Duffy Murnane's mother, Sara Berg

Nov 14, 2019
Sara Berg

It has been almost one month since Anesha “Duffy” Murnane went missing, last seen walking out of her apartment in downtown Homer and heading for a doctor’s appointment just a few blocks away. Family and friends hold on to hope and Sara Berg, Duffy’s mother, holds the torch the highest and the brightest, and just wants her daughter home.  KBBI’s Christina Whiting spoke to Berg about the ongoing search for Duffy.

Christina Whiting

On Sunday, November 10th, approximately 50 community members joined local efforts to “Bring Duffy Home”, a campaign to locate Anesha “Duffy” Murnane, a 38-year old Homer woman who has been missing for several weeks. On October 17, Duffy left her apartment in downtown Homer, walking to a doctor’s appointment just a few blocks away. She never made it. Police dogs followed her scent to an area downtown where the trail ended abruptly, leading local law enforcement to believe that a vehicle picked her up.

Homer Police Department

Correction: The statement below from Homer Police Department has been edited to correct an error. Duffy was last seen around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, October 17 on Pioneer Avenue in front of Homer's Jeans.

Homer Police have ended the ground search for Anesha Murnane as of Monday October, 21  at 3:30 p.m. Local law enforcement will continue to work with the Anchorage FBI office to look for her. HPD released this statement at 3:30 p.m.