China Poot sockeye dipnet fishery underway

Jul 1, 2020

    The China Poot Creek dipnet fishery opens today (July 1). 

The personal use dipnet fishery is open to all Alaska residents with an ADF-and-G sportsfishing license, but no permit is required.

    The lakes above China Poot Bay are stocked with sockeye salmon by the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association. Fish that elude the commercial harvest are available for personal use harvest.

Anglers Get More Chance at Kenai Sockeye

Jul 22, 2016
Jenny Neyman

The Kenai River is seeing less sockeye in recent days but more fishing opportunity starting July 22.

Dip-Netting Open on Kasilof, Kenai Rivers

Jul 12, 2016
Jenny Neyman

The Kenai River personal-use dip net fishery opened Sunday on a high point. Not only was the weather sunny and warm, but unusually high numbers of sockeye salmon greeted participants of the resident-only fishery.