Five new COVID-19 cases break out locally

May 28, 2020

There were 13 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Alaska Thursday, with seven of them on the Kenai Peninsula. Five of those positive results were from residents of the Southern Kenai Peninsula. Derotha Ferraro said four people with symptoms were tested at South Peninsula Hospital, while Laurel Hilts said SVT Health & Wellness was notified by the state that one of its test samples came back positive from someone who was not showing symptoms, but was getting a pre-surgery screening.

City of Homer

Part I:
Jenny Carroll, Information Officer for the City of Homer, Nurse Lorne Carroll from the Homer Public Health Clinic, and Derotha Ferraro of South Peninsula Hospital discuss the latest from the Homer Unified Command and answer listener questions.

Part II:
Rachel Tussey from the City of Homer and Harbormaster Bryan Hawkins address issues, policies and practices specific to the Homer Harbor.

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On the day after the first death at South Peninsula Hospital from Covid-19 was announced, discussion on KBBI’s Covid Brief (with Kathleen Gustafson) began with how Homer’s Unified Command elements have prepared for the second round of mandate relaxations that start Friday.
    Derotha Ferraro of South Peninsula Hospital said the lead time the Kenai Peninsula has had while the pandemic swept the world has benefited its emergency preparation.


The KBBI COVID Brief with Kathleen Gustafson and guests Derotha Ferraro of South Peninsula Hospital, Jenny Carroll of the City of Homer, and Nurse Lorne Carroll of the Homer Public Health Clinic discuss the latest from the Homer Unified Command and answer listener questions.

Anchor Point man dies at SPH of COVID-19

May 6, 2020


   A second Anchor Point man has died as a result of infection from the Covid-19 virus. The death was announced today (Wednesday) by the City of Homer and the State Department of Health and Human Services.

State data show the unidentified man was in his 80s, and had been taken to South Peninsula Hospital in Homer last week where he was diagnosed with Covid-19 upon admittance, according to the announcement. 

Covid-19 testing in Seldovia sponsored by Tribe

May 6, 2020
Seldovia Village Tribe

Residents of Seldovia and Jakolof Bay got some good news over the weekend after nearly half the residents of the area took the novel coronavirus test, and the results that were returned came back negative. That announcement came Monday evening in a joint announcement by the Seldovia Village Tribe and the City of Seldovia.
    Laurel Hilts is the marketing and public relations executive for the Tribe, which sponsored the tests.

State of Alaska

District P Senator Gary Stevens is back home in Kodiak and self-quarantining in his home. That’s where KBBI’s Jay Barrett caught up with him on Monday to get the latest on the federal CARES Act money sent to the State of Alaska, with some bound directly for its communities.


   Just a week into Governor Mike Dunleavy’s relaxing of his business-closing mandates in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and three new cases of Covid-19 have been identified in Homer.
    As more people from Outside come to Alaska in an attempt to flee the infection, some may be bringing it with them, and Homer Mayor Ken Castner is concerned not all are taking the 14-day self-quarantine seriously.

A third Homer resident has tested positive for Covid-19 since Gov. Mike Dunleavy began relaxing mandates restricting in-state travel and business a week ago.

    In an announcement Sunday afternoon on the City of Homer’s Covid-19 web page, it’s reported that the latest case was detected using South Peninsula Hospital’s new rapid testing equipment, and is the first confirmed positive it has flagged.

Two new COVID-19 cases in Homer - one hospitalized

Apr 30, 2020

The number of COVID-19 cases associated with Homer doubled yesterday, with the announcement by the city that two new individuals have tested positive for the disease. 

    According to the announcement on the city’s Covid-19 web page, one patient is currently hospitalized, while the other is confined to home. Both were tested earlier this week at South Peninsula Hospital. The city has no information indicating that the cases are related.

Covid-19 Brief with Kathleen Gustafson

Apr 30, 2020
City of Homer

Each Thursday since the Covid-19 pandemic emergency was declared in Alaska, KBBI has gathered members of the Homer Unified Command to update the community on the latest. This week, more conversation about the value of social distancing and why "herd immunity" will not save us. Host Kathleen Gustafson's guest today were Lorne Carroll, Mark Kirko, Jenny Carroll and Derotha Ferraro.

Mayor Castner: Sustain the reopening with facemasks

Apr 29, 2020

At Monday night’s Homer City Council meeting, Mayor Ken Castner responded to the governor’s announcement relaxing business closures in response to a slowing of Covid-19 infections in the state.
    Early in the meeting, Castner stepped in to read from a number of Powerpoint slides detailing what is opening and the restrictions still in place while open.

KPEDD seeks input for follow-up survey

Apr 27, 2020

The Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District, K-PEDD for short, shared its Covid-19 survey results with the borough and local governments in the last couple weeks, and are now ready to start a follow up.
    When the governor declared a Covid-10 state of emergency, Tim Dillon of K-PEDD issued a survey to businesses and nonprofits borough-wide to gauge their initial response to the hunkerdown mandates and other issues surrounding the emergency.


This week’s Covid-19 Brief on KBBI Thursday morning filled in a lot of blanks regarding the governor’s Tuesday mandate to begin the first phase of reopening Alaska businesses.
    Jennifer Carroll, information officer for the city’s unified command, formed after the mayor declared a Covid-19 emergency last month, says the openings will be measured.

Alice's Champagne Palace

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy this week unveiled his plan to begin reopening some businesses closed due to the coronavirus emergency mandates. The plan includes restaurants, with guidelines on table distances and other factors designed to lower the chance of transmitting the Covid-19 disease.