Claudia Haines

Emilie Springer: Farewell to Miss Claudia

May 3, 2021
Ashley Hansen

Are you ready for a story about a storyteller?  This week I talked to Claudia Haines’ at Homer Public Library and the past 18 years she’s spent here.  However, the position of youth services librarian was posted by the City of Homer about a week ago and there are only two more weeks left for Miss Claudia.  I start by asking her how she first connected to the library.

Coffee Table - Feb. 17, 2021: Black History in Alaska with Skywalker Payne

Feb 17, 2021
Homer Public Library

Coffee Table is celebrating Black History Month with a visit from local storyteller and activist Skywalker Payne.

Homer Librarian Contributes to Digital Education

Oct 19, 2015

Claudia Haines is the Youth Services Librarian at the Homer Public Library and she is also a media mentor. Media mentors help families understand the best ways to incorporate digital media in children’s education and in library services. She is co-authoring a book that will teach more people the essentials of media mentorship. Haines spoke with KBBI’s Quinton Chandler to discuss the book and what it means to be a media mentor.