City of Homer

Burning Basket Tradition Marks Its 13th Year

Sep 9, 2016
Shahla Farzan / KBBI

This year is the 13th anniversary of the Homer Burning Basket celebration.

If you’re not familiar with the tradition, each fall, community members gather plants and other natural materials to create a large woven basket in Mariner Park. They decorate the basket, tucking personal notes inside. Once it’s complete, the basket is set on fire.

Homer Fire Gets Boost Through Remodel, Grants

Aug 31, 2016
Photo by Daysha Eaton/KBBI

Homer Volunteer Fire Department has started a remodeling project to improve their Pioneer Avenue building.

Fire Chief Bob Painter says the project has been underway for about two weeks. He says the remodel is the result of two and half years of planning.

The $1,000,000 project was funded by the City of Homer after the department was removed from the plans for a new public safety building.

Coffee Table: Legislative Impact on Local Government

Apr 27, 2016
Photo by Rose Grech

Legislators are more than a week past their deadline to end the regular legislative session and the most important issue, the budget deficit, is still unresolved. This session lawmakers heard multiple bills that, if passed, could increase costs for cities and boroughs around the state. 

This week on the Coffee Table we discussed session’s proposed legislation and the impacts it could have on the city of Homer and the Kenai Peninsula Borough. 

East Bishop's Beach Permanently Closed to Vehicles

Mar 24, 2016
Photo Courtesy of Julien Jacobs.

Parts of Bishops Beach are now off limits to motorized vehicles and blocked off. Homer City Manager, Katie Koester says the project was recently completed.

“Bishop’s Beach, east of the parking lot, so turning left of the parking lot. And last week, public works installed boulders as a physical barrier. There is a gate there so that emergency vehicles can travel down the beach,” said Koester.

Petro Marine Almost Loses Lease To Bidding

Mar 1, 2016
Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

Petro Marine Services had a big scare last week when the Homer City Council considered putting the lease for a property the business has used for years up for public bid. The company could have been forced to move millions of dollars of equipment. A city employee says opening the lease up for bid was a hard conversation to have but it was important to keep the city’s options open.

Homer Library Wins Rasmuson Grant

Feb 25, 2016

The Rasmuson Foundation has awarded the Homer Public Library a $23,691 grant to buy books and materials. Library Director, Ann Dixon, who wrote the grant, says it was good news.

“It was very good news because otherwise it was going to be looking very grim. There would be subscriptions to magazines and databases that we would have had to cancel and just a whole lot of books that we wouldn’t be able to buy,” said Dixon.

City Disaster Plan Ready For Review

Jan 20, 2016
Photo courtesy of the City of Homer

The City of Homer is almost finished updating a plan designed to prevent bad outcomes in the event of natural disaster.

“Such as flooding and addressing coastal erosion by relocating communities or structures that are in threatened areas,” said Chief Bob Painter. 

DOT Proves Point On Some Gas Assessments

Jan 12, 2016
Image Courtesy of the City of Homer

The City of Homer and the Alaska Department of Transportation are negotiating how much DOT owes the city in natural gas assessments. Last year DOT refused to pay for eight of their properties in the city’s natural gas assessment district. Jill Reese with DOT told KBBI in November those properties can’t be taxed.

“It’s not subject to the assessment since there’s no opportunity to develop the property and take advantage of the gas line,” said Reese.

Homer City Council Prepares to Pass Budget

Dec 3, 2015

Proposition I passed in Homer's special election, Tuesday – that's according to unofficial results released by the city. City Manager, Katie Koester, is now focused on what’s next.

Homer City Council asked the voters if, for three years, they could suspend three quarters of a percent of city sales tax that usually goes into to the Homer Accelerated Roads and Trails fund, also known as H.A.R.T. And the voters said, Yes. Homer City Manager, Katie Koester says it shows the community was willing to sacrifice to keep the city going.

CoffeeTable: City of Homer Special Election and Budget

Nov 18, 2015
Credit: KBBI Photo

Homer Mayor Beth Wythe, and Council Member David Lewis joined KBBI's Quinton Chandler to discuss the December 1st Special Election in the City of Homer to suspend funding the Homer Accelerated Roads and Trails (HART) fund and directing those dollars into the City's General Fund. The discussion also covered the City's current financial situation and touched on other matter the City is dealing with.

Photo from KBBI Database

The City of Homer is holding its third town hall meeting this evening to address an at least $1 million budget deficit. City Manager Katie Koester will discuss two proposed budgets: one assumes the city will collect an additional million dollars in revenue and the other calls for deep cuts on the assumption the city will receive no additional revenue.

Homer and State Argue Gas Assessments

Nov 4, 2015
Image Courtesy of WV Metro News

The City of Homer wants the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to pay a little more than $26,000 in natural gas assessments for eight state owned plots of land. DOT refuses. The city and DOT are negotiating a solution.

The End Is Near For Slough Trail Replacement

Oct 28, 2015
Photo Courtesy of the Homer News

The City of Homer is on the last leg of its Beluga Slough Trail Replacement Project. The project was funded by the Kenai Peninsula Borough, the City of Homer and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler spoke with Homer Public Works Director Carey Meyer about putting the finishing touches on the project.

Budget Options Go to Homer City Council

Oct 9, 2015
Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

The Homer City Manager has prepared two budget options for the city council to consider. The budget ultimately adopted by the city largely depends on whether Homer can bring in an additional $1 million in revenue for Fiscal Year 2016.

Homer Continues Talk On City Budget

Sep 25, 2015
Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

The City of Homer held its second public meeting Wednesday to collect residents’ sentiments for revenue options that could eliminate the city’s budget deficit. The Revenue Solutions Town Hall Meeting drew a little more than 55 city residents. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler has more.