Chief Mark Kirko


Jenny Carroll, Information Officer for the City of Homer, Nurse Lorne Carroll from the Homer Public Health Clinic, Derotha Ferraro of South Peninsula Hospital, and Homer Fire and EMS Chief Mark Kirko discuss the latest from the Homer Unified Command and answer listener questions every Thursday at 9 a.m. If you have questions for the panel, email them to


Part I


At Monday night's Homer City Council meeting, the Emergency Operations Center's weekly report opened with state public health nurse, Lorne Carroll addressing the question of how COVID-19 deaths are identified and classified.

“ Per national guidance, COVID-19 should be reported on a death certificate for those who have passed, where the disease is assumed to have had a cause, or contributed to a death. So, that's according to the attending physicians’ best judgement,” said Nurse Carroll.

Monday night Covid-19 update

Apr 14, 2020

   Members of the Homer Covid-19 Unified Command gave an update to the Homer City Council at the body’s regular meeting last night. Incident Commander, Homer Fire Chief Mark Kirko described the command structure and the participants, which, in addition to the city, includes the Homer Public Health Clinic and South Peninsula Hospital, and some of its capabilities.



After one month on the job, a month that has seen a plane crash, a few capsized boats and daily smoke advisories, the new chief of the Homer Volunteer Fire Department invited KBBI’s Kathleen Gustafson to visit the firehouse on Pioneer Avenue to talk about his work and what it takes to train and maintain Homer’s first responders.