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A suite of proposals set to go before the Board of Fisheries want to limit hatchery operations in Lower Cook Inlet.

Seven proposals for the upcoming Lower Cook Inlet Board of Fisheries meeting in Seward in December address hatchery operations, with six looking to limit the number of fish they can raise or harvest and where they can operate.

Courtesy of Gov. Mike Dunleavy's office

Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced four appointments to the Alaska Board of Fisheries Monday. One of Dunleavy’s picks has served on the board in the past and is likely to go through a heated confirmation process.

Three of Dunleavy’s appointments, if confirmed by the Legislature, would replace board members Robert Ruffner, Orville Huntington and Al Cain.

Ruffner, who had reapplied for his position, said he’s disappointed with the decision.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

The Alaska Board of Fisheries will host a committee meeting Friday on Alaska’s salmon hatchery program. The gathering is meant to be a forum to discuss the latest research and developments in the hatchery industry.

That information is supposed to inform stakeholders, board members and department staffs’ understanding of the issues surrounding salmon hatcheries. But the conversation is about more than just science and statistics. 

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

After about five years of work, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s hatchery-wild study is beginning to answer crucial questions: do hatchery pink salmon produce fewer offspring compared to their wild counterparts and do they affect the productivity of the wild stocks they spawn with?

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

The Alaska Board of Fisheries’ agenda was packed with hatchery issues Tuesday.

Board members considered putting some issues on future agendas, but they also held a public forum on the broader state of hatcheries following a lengthy report from Alaska Department of Fish and Game staff.

Some board members expressed interest in taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to increasing hatchery production.

Board of Fish agenda heavy with hatchery issues

Oct 12, 2018
Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

The Alaska Board of Fisheries will kick off its annual work session in Anchorage Monday and salmon hatcheries will once again be a prominent topic of discussion. The board will consider whether to add issues surrounding production levels to future agendas and it will kick off a broader discussion on the hatchery industry Tuesday.

Disagreements over salmon hatcheries have been roiling over the past few years, and those arguments have played out at Board of Fish meetings.