Image courtesy of Cook Inletkeeper

BlueCrest Energy is set to begin hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in Cook Inlet this month.

The new fracking operation, which will occur about three and a half miles offshore, has faced steep opposition from Kenai Peninsula residents.

BlueCrest Noise Frustrates Area Residents

Sep 19, 2016
Photo by Jenny Neyman

Residents of a tiny Kenai Peninsula subdivision near Anchor Point thought they had a little slice of peace and quiet. But a tract of homestead land to the south held an oil test well. And now it’s home to 38 acres of an active oil well, processing train, natural gas flare, workers’ camp, truck filling station and a five-story rig that is about to start drilling 30 more wells. 

Photo courtesy of LGL Alaska Research Associates

The Center for Biological Diversity is calling for the National Marine Fisheries Service to stop BlueCrest Energy’s plans to conduct hydraulic fracturing of oil wells in Cook Inlet, citing concern for beluga whales.

Ninilchik Residents Present Fracking Questions

Jun 20, 2016

The 60 or so people at the Ninilchik Fairgrounds on June 14 were there out of curiosity and concern over BlueCrest Energy’s plans for oil production in the Cosmopolitan Unit off Anchor Point.

BlueCrest Strikes Oil

Apr 20, 2016
Courtesy of BlueCrest Energy

BlueCrest Energy is producing its first barrels of oil from the Cosmopolitan Unit north of Anchor Point. Company officials say the new crude is high quality and some of the cleanest they’ve ever seen. 

KPC Graduate Takes First Job With BlueCrest

Feb 11, 2016
Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

BlueCrest Energy pledged to hire four Kenai Peninsula College graduates to work at their drilling site near Anchor Point. The company made good on its promise. One of BlueCrest’s local hires says the job is the next step in what he hopes will be a promising career.

BlueCrest CEO Speaks At Industry Forum

Feb 1, 2016
Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

An annual two day event designed to take the temperature of industry on the Kenai Peninsula got underway Thursday at the Old Carr's Mall in Kenai. The event’s sponsors invited government officials, company executives and industry advocates to speak. BlueCrest Energy, the company drilling for oil north of Anchor Point, accepted their invitation. 

BlueCrest Energy To Hire Peninsula College Grads

Jan 11, 2016
Image Courtesy of Kenai Peninsula College

BlueCrest Energy Representatives are looking for local talent to help man a facility at the company’s drill pad north of Anchor Point. BlueCrest wants to drill for oil in the Cosmopolitan Oil Fields in Cook Inlet.  They plan to hire four graduates from Kenai Peninsula College. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler spoke to Jeffery Laude, a professor in the college’s Process Technology Department about the hires.

BlueCrest Still Considering Gas Development

Dec 16, 2015
Photo Courtesy of the Seward City News

BlueCrest Energy plans to drill for oil in Cook Inlet’s Cosmopolitan oil fields from the shore just north of Anchor Point. But, there is also a chance the company will place a rig in the water to drill for natural gas. Market speculation and debate over the state’s tax credits are making BlueCrest hesitate.

Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

A Texas-based company will begin drilling for oil in Cook Inlet next year using extended-reach oil wells. BlueCrest Energy plans to drill onshore north of Anchor Point. KBBI’s Quinton Chandler attended informational meetings in Homer and Anchor Point this week. The participants seemed split between hope for an economic jump start and worry for the project’s safety.

BlueCrest Still Working Toward Cosmopolitan Project

Dec 11, 2015
Image Courtesy of BlueCrest Energy

BlueCrest Energy representatives updated Kenai Peninsula residents this week on their plans to drill for oil in Cook Inlet. Around 25 people attended a meeting Tuesday evening at Homer Middle School. The company also held meetings in Anchor Point and Ninilchik.