Alaska Center for Coastal Studies

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Kachemak Science attended the Alaska Invasive Species Workshop, November 13 - 15 at Lands End in Homer. Hear the highlights:  Chris Rainwater delivers a history of invasives in Homer, Seth Spencer and Shawna Bautista have a conversation on hawkweed and Mathew Barnes makes the case for invasivorism.
Click on the links below for full presentations from the workshop.


The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies turns 35

Aug 31, 2017
Jesse Rabinowitz, KBBI News

The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary Wednesday. Community members and staff gathered to celebrate at a block party with food, games and live music near downtown homer.

The energy at the block party Wednesday evening was contagious.

“Well there is a lot of things going on! We have food, music and a lot of other things too. We have painting rocks, bean bag games, making your own bean bags!” Eleven-year-old Rebecca Trowbridge said with excitement.